List of Lists

Kick-Booty Summer of 2011 List

(My good intentions were derailed by weddings, weddings and more weddings)

  1. Play tennis semi-regularly
  2. Go snorkeling
  3. Get Rita’s water-ice/custard on a hot day
  4. Beat Joey in mini-golf
  5. Take a trip with girlfriends
  6. Go on a wine tour
  7. Read a book (bonus points if it’s by the pool or on the beach)
  8. Take the dogs into Annapolis (bonus points if we sit outside and have a meal w/ said pooches)
  9. Two words: Crabs & Beer
  10. Take an impromptu road trip
  11. Plan something awesome for Joey’s 30th Bday!!
  12. Make an adult-sized slip-n-slide!
16 in 6
  1. Get a new job
  2. Decorate/paint my bedroom
  3.  Update the Kitchen
  4.  Go out for crabs with friends
  5.  See “Eat,Pray,Love”
  6.  Read “Eat,Pray,Love”
  7. Take a trip
  8. Visit my grandparents in Philadelphia
  9.  Learn something new
  10. Make my Mom’s 60th birthday a memorable one
  11. Plan a girls night in DC
  12. Start working out again!
  13. Get a tattoo (I’ve always wanted one!)
  14. Get the giant milkshake at Chick and Ruth’s
  15. Surprise Joey
  16. Get serious about a business venture

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