And Then It Was Fall

Somehow summer 2011 is over (yeah, I kinda sucked at checking things off my list) and it’s time to welcome fall with open arms. I love the changing of the seasons, there’s something renewing about it all. It’s like New Year’s Eve where you see this whole new window of opportunity open up, and the view looking out is filled with promise and hope. You have that moment of clarity when you decide that, yes, this year will be THE year. I definitely feel that way as we enter fall – the energy and spirit that I get to start anew. Yes, this will be the season where life slows down a bit and Sunday’s will be lazy and football filled. Yes,  I’ll finally organize the office, get back into my gym routine, paint the guest bathroom and try at least four new recipes I’ve pinned to my “Ummm, YUM” board on pinterest.

Hey, my intentions are good.

If I get nothing else accomplished before winter arrives, at least I can say I kicked off fall with a quick, cute and cheap little project. All you need is a few bags of soup beans and split peas…

Thanks for the big round vase, Alex! And you know I always love a good excuse to break out the mason jars…

Happy Fall from my home to yours! Make this season a well-intentioned one 🙂

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