Act 3, Scene 5: Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day was low-key and lovely. From the tacky box of chocolates I gave Joey, to making a mess in the kitchen together…

(Nothing says I Love You like onion breath)

The four-legged ones got a special Valentine’s treat of course. Riggo’s tail was going at least 60 wags-per-second, and Moose got so excited he sat on his toy. Frosty Paws will do that to a dog.

Talk about love…

As for my Valentine’s Day card, lets just say Joey didn’t realize it opened up to a third panel…

Whoops. It’s a keeper.

And the mother-load…

You better believe we took a bite out of each piece. Some traditions are worth keeping!

Hope your V-day was filled with Love 🙂


Moose Day

Three years ago today, we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove to Delaware to pick up our first-born puppy…

It’s hard to remember how tiny he was in all his 9 lb glory. Moose can be a total pain in the arse, but he’s 87 lbs of pure love. Our Valentine’s pickup was very apropos.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day

As I mentioned before, me and the hubster don’t really do a lot for Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, I fully believe it’s a total Hallmark Holiday and an opportunity for businesses to market to the masses (although I always appreciate a good marketing opportunity). That being said, I don’t understand the Valentine’s Day haters…I mean, it’s a day to celebrate LOVE…and you shouldn’t hate on love. Law of the universe.

So here are my top 5 reasons to love Valentine’s Day:

  1. While we should tell the people in our life that we love them everyday, we probably don’t, so we can use the in-your-face reminder once a year.
  2. It’s a day to stop and evaluate ALL the people you love, and who love you back. Even if you don’t have a significant other, I guarantee there’s love worth celebrating in your life.
  3. Because if you wake up on 2/14, alive, breathing, and in good health — love that, and celebrate it.
  4. It’s better to give than to receive, so use the day to think of someone you know who needs a little extra love, and send it their way. You never know how far a little bit of love will go.
  5. The Beatles said All You Need Is Love, and if the Beatles said it, then you know it’s true. (Well, they also said we all live in a yellow submarine, but we’ll consider that the exception)

Love Is All Around

Did you know Valentine’s Day is next week? How did that happen? A typical Valentine’s Day for us is sitting around eating an entire heart shaped box of chocolates, but this year I’m thinking maybe we should do it up a bit more — you know, with it being our first ‘married’ Valentine’s Day and all. NBD.

With no idea as to what ‘doing it up’ will consist of, I decided to at least try and get into the fake holiday spirit. I had some old boxes of conversation hearts (yummy), chalkboard banners from our wedding (used as table chart, bought from this shop on Etsy), and of course my trusty makes-everything-instantly-more-charming mason jars.

I doubt Martha’s jumping up and down over my quicky craft, but in this house it’s getting two paws up…errr, make that four. Eight if you count Moose.

I think we can all benefit from a little extra love here and there.

This is How We Roll


No restaurant reservations or crowds for us! Instead we went to the grocery store, and for little more than $8 a pop we had filets topped with crab meat, homemade redskin mashed potatoes and green beans. We uncorked a bottle of wine we picked up at Chrysalis vineyard this summer and for dessert…we opened the obligatory heart shaped box of chocolates and proceeded to take bites out of every piece 🙂 You just can’t do things like that in public!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day weekend everyone! Strangely enough all my weekend plans revolve around my girlfriends (and work) – guess that’s what happens when you’ve been dating someone for a gazillion years. Monday is reserved for Joey though – maybe we’ll do something uber romantic like go to the gym 😉

PS: The photo above is from the day we brought home our son Moose, which was Valentine’s Day 2008. Notice how he’s wrapped up in his little Valentine’s blankie – yeah, Joey had no say in that. My goodness he was a cute pup!

Gift for your work spouse on Valentine’s?

This story is dedicated to Kath and Sara, happily work-married since 2010. ((Insert awwwws here)) 🙂


UNDATED – Of course you’re planning a romantic dinner and a movie for your Valentine’s sweetheart, but what will you do for your “work wife” or “work husband?”

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance,” Amy McMahon tells The Wall Street Journal. “It is about showing the people you love that you care.”

“Work spouse” is a term used to describe co-workers with whom one has an especially close relationship. They may be fellow employees who take lunch breaks together, confide in, and especially rely on each other.

It is not a romantic relationship, but a bond with someone that you depend on when needed and to have your back when the boss is coming around the corner.

Some employees, such as McMahon, say they use Valentine’s Day to recognize the platonic relationship with their work spouses.

Almost two-thirds of workers say they have had or currently have a work spouse, according to a survey by Captivate Network, a Chelmsford, Mass., digital-programming and advertising company.

Others, however, say office spouses can be dangerous to the work environment and could lead to concerns of sexual-harrassment. It also could be damaging to a marriage if the platonic relationship goes too far. (Watch out Eric!)

Despite the trend, the greeting-card industry is staying away from office-spouse cards.

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