The Great Maryland Pastime

It’s the most quintessential summertime Maryland experience — sitting by the water, picking crabs and drinking beer (side note: I just wrote “drinking friends” by accident, which definitely is not a quintessential experience, nor something I would endorse). What makes the experience even better, which is probably true of all life experiences, is the people you’re with. Which is why this past Saturday was such a blast, picking through two-dozen extra large crabs at Cantlers with a couple of fabulous ladies, Sara and Danielle, pictured above, and all of our Sig Others. We topped off the night with a trip to downtown Annapolis. I never get sick of this view…


We sat on the dock, enjoying some ice cream from Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory, watching the tide roll away boats go by, talking about life and leisure diving (google it). A simply great summer night. The kind that leaves you with the feeling that Life. Is. Good.

And as a bonus — I get to check something off my summer list. 

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