Simple Things Sunday: Hello, Baby

I got to spend my Sunday afternoon snuggling up with this little cutie pie. Baby Emily had me at hello. And seeing Kacie as a mommy for the first time just made my heart happy. She was made for this role.

As my circle of friends continues to expand to include these new little lives, it somehow has a way of putting everything else into perspective. It’s a reminder of how important and precious life is, and how we should remember every day to be good to one another, live optimistically, laugh more and love more fiercely. Lets get all Ghandi up and here and just remember to Be the Change, people. Be. The. Change.

Welcome to the world, baby Emily. We’re all so happy you’re here.

Tip the Scales


Life is such a balancing act, and lately I’ve been feeling like my scales are constantly tipping one way or the other but never quite evening out. I’ve been finding my time to veg out in front of the tv, but the weekly exercise routine is lacking. I’ve been putting crazy amounts of energy into work, but I’m feeling guilty about not saving some of that energy to dish out into other aspects of life. And as I channel the usual mantras of ‘Dig Deep’, ‘Inner Badass’, ‘Be Better’…I’m adding a new one to the mix — ‘Be Happy’.

And the good thing about focusing on the Happy is that you can find it regardless of which way the scale is tipping.

Brown Paper Packages

Sometimes I feel like there’s a total disconnect between the world I picture myself living in, and…well…reality.

Blame it on pinterest, but when I close my eyes, my home looks like a more eclectic version of pottery barn, I cook creative things, am incredibly organized, get to the gym 5 days a week and always have the perfect outfit to wear to work. It’s a total brown paper package, tied up with string.

In reality, my dog chewed our couch, I get sick of cooking during the week because I don’t have the energy for dirty dishes, we have at least 4 stacks of mail forming on the kitchen table and I’m on day three of “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” These are definitely not a few of my favorite things.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves during a busy week, to get frustrated when our home doesn’t look and feel the way we want it to, or to let a stack of mail become your own personal Waterloo. But you know what else is easy? Putting the Red Light on the negative thoughts, and focusing on the small things that bring you happiness. Maybe my house isn’t straight out of Better Homes & Gardens, but when I took a closer look I realized it’s still filled with brown paper packages…

A token from one of the happiest days of my life. Read this if you need help figuring it out. Oh, and that picture of us? The first one we ever took together.

These elephants are a keepsake that remind me of my grandparents. I don’t know the story behind them, but when my grandfather passed away this was what I asked to have from him house. For whatever reason, they remind me of them and my childhood.

Our “message in a bottle” guest book from our wedding. Can’t wait to smash this sucker open on our 1 year anniversary! Until then, it sits proudly on display above the kitchen cabinets.

A charming gift from a wonderful friend. Sara, I know you said this isn’t about you and I, but sometimes I pretend it is 😉

Unconditional love. Some things in life are indeed free.

Whether you’re having a hard week, or having a great one, it never hurts to stop and look around, count your blessings, and realize that even in the imperfect there is perfection to be found.

April Showers… and Birthdays!

Holy crap, how is it April already? And I don’t care if it’s cold, cloudly and rainy, I totally broke out the spring jacket today in hopes Mother Nature might catch my drift.

I love April! And not just for the obvious reason….

But also because it’s the month where we get to shake off the last reminents of winter and start daydreaming about warm temperatures, longer days and trips to the beach and pool.

Other awesome things happening this April…

Well it happens every April, but Happy Birthday Month to Whitney!!!

Jackie's Bridal Shower in Philly!!! Can't WAIT!!

Friday Cuteness

All at once now, “awwwwwww!” Moose’s favorite lookout spot is now Moose & Riggo’s favorite lookout spot. They’ll sit there for a good 20-30 minutes just sniffing the air and watching people come in and out of their houses. In Lab time, that’s like 4 days!