Sticking A Fork in 2011

It’s the last day of 2011. I’m sitting on the couch, Moose is sleeping next to me, Riggo’s sleeping on me,  and I’m watching old episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project, which probably explains why, as I’m trying to figure out where to start wrapping up 2011, I’m tempted to use phrases like ‘it was so major’ and ‘2011 was everything.’

Ok, back to Earth.

2011 was a big year. A REALLY big year. It was probably a bit of foreshadowing when it kicked off in such a big way with the sort of unexpected addition of our second four-legged child (you can read about that here).

Life got a little crazier and a lot happier. And that theme continued for the next 11 months. In March, we got engaged. Talk about crazy happy. Then the ‘Year of the Wedding’ really began with Christine’s wedding in April.

It was a perfectly intimate affair, the love between her and Aaron permeated the room. My favorite memory was the end of the night. All their friends were outside, music playing on the ipod, and somehow we ended up in a giant circle, arms wrapped around one another, swaying to the music in celebration of the happy couple. It was a moment that leaves you thinking, “THIS is what it’s all about.” Everything else is just details.

But the details are fun too.

The rest of the year looked like this in chronological order: Jackie’s Bridal Shower, Alex’s Bridal Shower & Bachelorette weekend, TJ & Caitlin’s wedding,  Kacie’s Bridal Shower, Dominican Republic for Alex’s wedding

Jackie’s Bachelorette party, Kacie’s Bachelorette party, Joey turned the big 3-0, Jackie’s wedding

….Kacie’s wedding

Steve & Heather’s wedding, Joey and I hatch our wedding plan, my bridal shower, Our wedding…

Our First Dance 

Sprinkle in the usual lunch/dinner/coffee/skype dates with friends, weekend trips, family get togethers, and holidays and holy moly was this year full. To the brim in fact.

Let me get a little sappy now and bring this sucker home. 2011 was what IT is all about. Friends, old and new, supporting one another, love, happiness, fun, laughter, family, growing, learning. The lessons were all there. I’ve watched so many of my girlfriends, my sisters, climb mountains this year and come out victorious. I’ve watched others navigate hardships with unimaginable grace and strength. The resolve of the human spirit has inspired me this year to say the least. We are all SO capable.

2011 set the bar high, but I firmly believe that the best is always yet to come.

Here’s looking at you 2012.

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