You know when you’re at a restaurant waiting and waiting for your food to come, and so you tell someone to go to the bathroom because everyone knows that when someone goes to the bathroom that means your food will come? Well, it was sort of like that in terms of me mentioning in my last post that we were still waiting on the arrival of Kacie’s little girl, and then that afternoon I get a text message saying girlfriend had gone into labor. Only the arrival of a baby is like a million times better than restaurant food! Unless maybe you’re at Eataly, in which case that statement could be debated 😉

I’m thrilled to report that Kacie and her husband welcomed sweet little Emily Rae into the world this past Tuesday. I’ve seen lots of pictures from a very proud new grandpa, and mom and baby are doing well.

And in other breaking news, I’m excited I can finally share this:

That’s right, Alex ate a really big lunch! 😉

Actually, Alex and the hubby have officially announced they’re expecting their first bambino (bambina?) January 2013. I couldn’t be more thrilled, this girl was made to be a mommy.

Anyone else have fun baby announcements to make? This is clearly the theme of 2012, so by all means let me know!


Bump Ahead

So I didn’t want to say anything just in case things went terribly wrong, but Kacie came by tonight and we did a little Baby Bump photo session. Alex joined in on the fun and I can honestly say there’s nothing better than a Friday night with your two best girlfriends. And while I’ve spent many a Friday night with these two ladies by my side, life is changing in big ways and I’m enjoying the newness of it all.

As for the photos, this was something completely new to me and I’m happy to report I captured some decent images :::insert sigh of relief here::::. I’ll be sure to share some of my favorites soon (UPDATE: Check them out here), but right now I’ve got an alarm that’s set to go off at 5am and I haven’t even started packing my suitcase yet. I’ll try and Instagram the trip to Georgia, so feel free to follow at @dianatroese. See you soon!

Guest Post #2: Kacie’s Confessions of a Worrywart

Today’s post comes from the incredible Kacie. The seeds of our friendship were sown back in High School and we’ve been watching them grow, and reaping the rewards ever since. From sitting next to her on the Lifeguard stand, to standing next to her on her wedding day, the only thing that may be able to top it all is the upcoming arrival of her first child. Clearly the photo above is from before she was expecting 😉 Actually, it’s from her bacherlorette party weekend, and I had to use it because in a post about being a worrywart, I thought it’d be good to channel those carefree days of yore!

Ok, I finally admit it… worrywart should have been my middle name. Now, don’t get any ideas people about the middle name of my unborn daughter ;). But seriously, it finally dawned on me this week that I am the true definition of worrywart. Thanks to http://www.thefreedictionary.com it’s even confirmed:

 Worrywart – Noun: One who worries excessively and needlessly. Or Thinks about unfortunate things that might happen.

My hubby tells me all the time that I worry so much that I worry about what I am going to worry about next (that’s a lot of worry even for one sentence). And he is right!

Lately the worrying is centered on making sure all the right things are done for the arrival of our baby girl in August. Am I eating the right healthy foods? Are the house ‘honey-do’ chores getting done, because life will only get busier? We need to find a pediatrician. We need to find a daycare. And on top of that is juggling our crazy schedules between family, friends, doctor’s appointments, birthing classes, graduations etc…

This morning everything was put into perspective for me. I was frantically rushing around the house to make sure I packed everything I needed for a long weekend at the beach (much needed), not to mention running late for a doctor’s appointment, when my hubby grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the forehead. He told me, “Honey, stop worrying. Everything will work out just like it always does.” Again, he is right! In some funny way things always end up working out. Don’t ask me how, but they do. I needed that this morning, so thank you hubby.

For all of you worrywarts out there… here is my hug to you! Everything will work out.

Thanks for your post, Kacie! Seriously, when it comes to finding balance in our lives, sometimes the hardest thing to get control of is our thoughts. There are so many things in this world that are outside of our control, so thanks Kac for helping remind us that we just have to believe that everything will work out in the end. 

Scenes from a Weekend: Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

I think I scared Mrs. Robinson away last week just as she was about to feed her babies, which explains this blurry photo of two baby beaks wide open with anticipation…

And on Friday I had a hard time finding a good vantage point and in turn captured another ill-focused picture, but if you look closely you can see their new feathers…

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to peek in on them Saturday morning and found this…


I’m so bummed! Joey on the other hand is secretly happy because now I’ll stop smashing the flower beds with the ladder 🙂

The rest of the weekend included catching up with one of my favorite ladies and her growing baby bump, and a mish-mash of other things such as Downton Abbey, gym, taco-night with the hubster, cleaning, mommy date and a much needed closet purge (as well as some shopping to fill those empty hangers)…

Hope you’re recharged after a fun filled weekend, and ready to tackle the upcoming week.

PS: Don’t forget, one week until Mother’s Day. Better plan something good!

Who Runs the World (Girls)

Feel free to put a little Beyonce on while I spill the latest baby beans on Sara (due in July) and Kacie (due in August). They’re both having BABY GIRLS!!! Cue the pink confetti!!!

Do you know what this means? It means if I have a little boy one day, that gives me double the chances of having him marry mini-Sara or mini-Kacie and inheriting one of these awesome ladies as family 🙂 And if I have a little girl one day, she’s already promised to Baby Connor, so my future child is all set. That’s right buddy, I’m talking to you…

Oh, wait, this isn’t about me? OK, I digress.

With two precious baby girls on the horizon, I couldn’t help but do a little Etsy surfing for the little princesses. Here are my top 5 must haves, of course ignoring all practical items you need when having a baby and totally going for the awwwwww factor.

This hat is just ridiculous, but why not, right?? Buy it here. 

Holy tiny sweet little shoesys! Buy them here.

Cool girls have a sense of humor. Buy this onesie here.

Dads avert your eyes. Tutus are inevitable. Buy this dress here.

I can’t get enough of frilly little headbands, just keep it tasteful Mamas. The flower should be larger than a quarter but smaller than their entire head (crochet hats are an exception to the rule). Buy this sweet one here.

Baby Showers are on the horizon. More to come (as long as these ladies keep giving me permission to post their personal life for you to read about!)

Belly Laughs

Can we all just agree that one of the best feelings in the world is laughing so hard it hurts? I’m not just talking about a good laugh, I’m talking about the can’t-catch-your-breath, tears-coming-out-of-your-eyes, abdominal-and-cheek-muscles-hurt kind of laugh.

I spent the afternoon in Baltimore finalllly catching up with Kacie, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold winter’s Saturday than lunch, shopping, ice cream and non-stop chatting with an amazing friend. I finally got to see Kacie’s pictures from her honeymoon in Antiqua, and the photos and video of their zip lining excursion had us both on the floor laughing.

Lets just say we figured out how to view the video of Kacie’s zip line attempt frame-by-frame. And lets just say Kacie may have had the most ungraceful landing in zip lining history.

Exhibit A.

Wait for it…..

Waaaaiiiittttt for ittttt…..



I swear that screenshot gets more amazing everytime I see it. In case you’re wondering how it ends, the force of the landing bounced her halfway back up the zip line, and then she gracefully hand-over-hand pulled herself back in with a smile on her face the entire time. There’s totally a metaphor for life in there, I’m just too tired to pull it out.

Hope your weekend if full of laughter. The hurts so good kind.

10/1/11: Kacie’s Wedding Recap

Let me start by saying the above picture may be one of my all time favs — it is seriously dripping with fun and happiness. Everything a great wedding should be dripping with.

Kacie & Bill’s wedding weekend was a blast, and looking back at the photos made me think about just how special it is to be in someone’s bridal party. Special because you’re able to witness all the Little Big moments that make a wedding a wedding. It’s not all DJ’s and open bar, it’s connections, relationships and drinking in each fleeting moment so you can remember it for a lifetime. It’s a stolen look between a bride-to-be and her father who can’t believe he’s getting ready to give away his little girl…

It’s waking up with your best friend on her wedding day, which feels a lot like Christmas morning only 10x more surreal and instead of a tree there’s a huge, beautiful white gown to mark the occasion…

It’s about going all out and taking a stretch hummer to the salon to get your hair and makeup done. If not on your wedding day, then when???

It’s sitting next to your Mom getting all dolled up, because lord knows you’ll be looking at these pictures forever. Best face forward 🙂

It’s bustling bridesmaids shuffling around each other in the bathroom trying to get ready quickly because it’s almost time to put the bride in her dress…

It’s the bride’s face when the bouquets arrive and it starts to feel a little more real. Yes, it’s all happening…

It’s the feeling of relief and excitement when the dress goes on and everything is perfect. Today, you are a bride. Tomorrow, a wife…

…Forever, his little girl…

It’s the moment you let everyone in on the secret that you and your now-husband have been planning to surprise all your guests with your mad dance skills for a very long time. Awesome first dance.

It’s continuing the party into the wee-morning hours and toasting every step of the way. Which is a pretty great metaphor for the new chapter you’re beginning — a chapter where you should continue to toast despite the ups, downs, twists and turns. Celebrate it all.

In the words of Dave Matthews – Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.

Congratulations Kacie & Bill! Thanks for letting me be a part of the celebration.

Shout Out

I have to give a promised shout out to Kacie’s Aunt Deb who I had the pleasure of meeting at the wedding, and who, better yet, is an avid D-Spot reader! Deb told me she came across the good ‘ol blog when she was trying to do a google search for Kacie’s wedding website and accidentally found this post where I’m making fun of the lovely Kacie for being the only person I know who isn’t on Facebook (seriously, Kacie, I’m still depressed about this). Deb told me I was a great writer and she thought my blog was entertaining, so of course I immediately deemed her my favorite person in the world, forced her to accept my autograph and then tried to walk away but my head was too big to move anywhere 😉 So Deb, if you’re reading this — Holla!  That’s for you too Lindsay, since I seem to remember you promising to find your way here. Hope you both had as much fun as I did celebrating Kacie & Bill on their big day!

FYI for all of you waiting with bated breath — the wedding post will be up at 9am.

Sneak Peak: Kacie’s Bridal Shower

First off, can we talk about what a fabulous “Shower Bride” Kacie makes? Gorgeous, right? Right. Moving on.

After a long, fantastic day celebrating our bride-to-be, I’m wiped and don’t have the energy to post about how all the planets aligned just right to create the perfect day and the perfect shower, but I couldn’t NOT quickly post the photos of the most EPIC jumping pictures of all times — complete with bow-bouquet action shots. So without further ado, I give you Bridey’s Got Ups:

And now for the outtake reel.

I love me a good outtake reel…

(Insert bathroom humor here)

More shower goodness coming your way soon!

I’m off to the couch!