Sea Glass Wreath

Sea Glass Wreath from Land's End

As my mom and I were perusing HomeGoods yesterday she mentioned she was looking for an everyday wreath for over her fireplace and I was reminded of a super cute idea I saw in Land’s End Home magazine. It was a wreath made of sea glass which is PERFECT for my mom’s house because A) she lives on the water and B) she started collecting sea glass last year. That specific wreath, however, at $99 seemed a bit pricey. So of course we’re all, “O, we could totally make it ourselves. I bet we could google ‘How to make a sea glass wreath’ and find instructions.”

Which is exactly what I did and came across this cute blog called Simple Daisy, where one super crafty lady shows you how to make a homemade sea glass wreath. Check it out here: simpledaisy {pretty.simple.fresh}: {seaglass wreath}… you just have to scroll past the haircut and the jewelry, but I was particularly taken by step 2 in the instructions that advise you to grab a glass of wine ;).

Her homemade wreath looks like this:

I love the nautical rope detail of this one, but prefer the size of the Land’s End one. But hey, it’s whatever floats your boat! Your turn Mom!

Cut. It. Out

How much do you love this silhouette portrait from Nella Designs? You can find her shop on Etsy – just send in your photo with the text you want and VIOLA. Starting at $35 a pop, these custom silhouettes would make an awesome, affordable and unique gift. For all my 2011 brides, don’t be surprised if you find one coming to a home near you 😉

You can enter for a chance to win your own print on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love:  Fab Freebie: Cut It Out | Young House Love.

Pick The Pic

I’d really like to create a photo gallery type display somewhere in our house. I’m not sure where exactly, but as I was formulating this latest idea in my head, I started having a little too much fun in iPhoto with some pics of a trip I took to England a few years back. I’d love to print an 8×10 to put in a matted frame, but I can’t decide which one. That’s where you come in! Which one is your favorite?

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While I originally thought I liked the Stonehenge Road sign, the more I look at them the more I like Big Ben. But I like Westminster Abbey too. It will be the sight of April’s Royal Wedding after all 😉

Little Space, Little Project…

…big time satisfaction! As you know, I’m always looking for ways to add some style to our humble abode. I get overwhelmed when I think about all the projects I want to do – paint rooms, tile floors, replace vanities, update mirrors, update appliances, get new window treatments etc, etc, etc. It makes my head spin to the point of total home design paralyzation. So I decided to pick one, easy, doable-in-a-day project to tackle and check off my list — our front entrance. Here’s what it looks like on a normal bad day:

Small, nothing special. Basically a good place to throw boxes that need to go out in the recycle pile. But I knew it had a little potential. So I drew a sketch of what I envisioned for the space:

Are you laughing at my drawing abilities???

I’ve been dying to hang my “Keep Calm” print so I thought it might make a good addition to a small shelf-hook combo with a storage ottoman below. Just a cozy little nook where you can sit to take off your shoes, or hang your keys.

The space is only 31″ wide, so I knew finding a decent bench might be a challenge. I fell in love with an entryway bench from Crate & Barrel but priced at nearly $400 it wasn’t only too wide, but also much more than I wanted to spend on this tiny-space makeover.

So armed with a tape measure and a sketch I headed over to Homegoods and Marshalls.


Have I told you how much I love those stores? Not only did I find an awesome mirror/shelf/key hook combo (sorry Keep Calm print, we’ll find another spot for you) but I also found a charming storage ottoman that was the perfect size. A little measuring and two nails later, here’s the final product:


I couldn’t be happier with the results! Now, I know the carpet isn’t the most attractive, but with amount of dirt/leaves/twigs that Moose drags in on a daily basis, it’s the most practical, so it stays. Here’s the breakdown of the rest…


I adore this piece! I found it at Homegoods and it was just as nice and sturdy as similar pieces I’ve seen at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. Priced at only $50, picking it up was a no brainer.

I found the little “Welcome to our home” block at Marshalls for $2, pulled the little vase out of some things we have stored away, cut a few twigs off our holly bush and VIOLA! ((Hi Mom!!))


And here’s the storage bench (again, ignore the beautiful carpet beneath ;)). I picked this up at Marshalls for $50. Not only was it the perfect size, but it offers additional storage and has a super charming, light blue, french inspired print. Best part is that it’s light enough to pull over into the living room if we ever needed an extra seat. Multi-functionality is always a plus in small spaces!

So there’s my little project that I can now cross off my list. All said and done it cost less than $110 dollars and took a couple of hours max if you include shopping. Now to decide what’s next…




Mountain Living

How amazing is the HGTV 2011 Dream Home? And how do I get these designers to come do my place? Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I love all the great colors, patterns and textures in this room! Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows. What a view!

Here’s another family room type space. Again, digging the colors and patterns. Love the shag rug and the big barn door – is that just decorative? Either way, very cool.

Pretty gutsy to do huge red walls – but of course this room looks amazing. I love love LOVE the canopy bed with the curtain backdrop. And check out the bottom right corner of the picture – a dream doggie bed! Moose would love it. Of course we’d need to build one big enough for a small pony so he fits 😉

Ok, you know you’re getting old when a beautifully designed laundry rooms does it for you! I hate doing laundry, but hang a flat screen in here and I’ll do laundry all day long!

You can enter to win this house starting Jan. 1st. If you win, I’m moving in.

Think Big

Once upon a time, I lived in a little studio apartment in the city. I loved that apartment – the location, the size, the fact that it was all mine. It was also my first venture into decorating. In a little over 4oo square feet, I had my ‘bedroom’, an ‘office’, living room, dining room, kitchen, closet and bathroom. The picture above is a birds eye view of sorts (please ignore the messy shelfs, and the brown ottoman on the wall has a twin that usually lived in front of the couch).

The point of this trip down memory lane is not to remind myself that I haven’t used that WiiFit in over a year, but rather to reflect on the art of big style in small spaces. Now, I’m in no way saying my little studio had big style, but it was a cute space and I was proud of it.

I live in a townhouse now that has more space than two people actually NEED, but the common living space is a small combo living room/dining room/kitchen. I sometimes sit on the couch and think about the potential it has to be a small space with big style – but right now I feel it’s lacking (apologies for no pictures of the room at the moment).

Let me give a shout out to someone who has mastered the art of big style in a small space – the one and only Pam101. Her condo is amazing. Every corner is filled with an interesting piece that has a story behind it. Everywhere you look there’s something that catches your eye, and if you look twice your bound to notice something new. My house has design envy.

I searched for a little inspiration to help me think about what I can do to make my room come alive and found this great article from HGTV: Maximizing Small Spaces. And maybe when Pam101 comes to town in a couple weeks she can give me even more ideas 😉