Scenes from a Weekend: Friendship

This weekend was another Pittsburgh adventure, but this time it was extra special because Hilary is back from Africa! Girlfriend has been gone for 2 years, so we decided a girls reunion was in order and it was high time baby Connor met his world-traveling Auntie!

I swear this little man gets cuter every time I see him! We had a blast loving on him the entire weekend, and catching up with each other on life’s happenings. It had been four years, FOUR YEARS, since the four of us were all together and it was amazing how it seemed like no time had really passed at all.

I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing women in my life, the kind of friends that cheer you on, pick you up, encourage you, listen with their whole heart and truly wish for nothing but happiness in your life.

It doesn’t hurt either that they know me so well they bring me Eataly goodies from a recent NYC trip, and make funny signs for the guest room door because they know cats make me sneeze.

We got to celebrate an early first birthday with Connor and life in general with each other. It was just what the doctor ordered.

“Yay Connor” because Happy Birthday was too long 😉 Alex, you’re a genius!

The new answer to, “What time is it?”

The photo-bomber in the background makes me love this picture even more!

Hope you had a great weekend!

My Own Personal Nat-Geo

File this under “Needs to Get Out More,” but I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the little birdie family who has made their home in the tree in our front yard. Mama Bird had skillfully been evading the camera for a few days — I’d spot her, run back in for my camera and as I’d tip-toe back towards the tree she’d take off. That’s when I wised up and decided when I left the house the other day I’d do so with camera in hand, set and ready.


She’s totally giving me the stink eye.

Yes, this is what happens when I put myself on a self-imposed Laundry-Lock-Down. I stalk birds. And then write about it. Because, yes, this was the highlight of my weekend.

Capturing Mama Bird was an achievement, but I really initiated myself into the nerd of the month club scored big time when I decided to break out the ladder and see if I couldn’t get a peak into the nest. And what do you know…baby birds!

I was itching to reach my hand in there and move some of those leaves out of the way, but I was scared I’d get too close to the nest and then Mama Bird would be sufficiently pissed off and not come back. (Right now I’m wondering if it’s true that if a bird smells a human near their nest they will abondon their babies, or if that’s just something my dad used to tell us so we wouldn’t peek inside the bird house. Any bird experts care to shed some light?)

I snapped a couple more pictures, started envisioning birds attacking me and decided it was time to call it a day. I’ll end with my favorite picture…

So cute, right?

I hope you had a great weekend! And don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on the Robinsons! Get it?? The Robin-sons. :))

I think I just heard Joey getting the divorce papers together 😉

Sweet Shot Day

The Big Fat North Carolina Post

It may be in part because every time I go to North Carolina it’s for vacation, but I truly believe that state has a certain calming quality about it. There’s something about life by the ocean that helps put everything in perspective. Waking up to a light filled room, stepping out onto a private balcony and watching blue herons land in the marsh — a girl could get used to that.

Despite the drama of Moose deciding to go skinny dipping when it was pitch black out (anyone know ways to help with doggie anxiety???), we filled our Cup’O’Life to the freakin’ brim this weekend by way of cocktail cruises and beaching boats on private islands…

Picnic lunches on the beach, dipping toes into warm ocean water and endless games of fetch with four big labs…

And what better way to balance the Beach than with the Barn, so we took a visit to the stables where our friend’s keep their horse. I should have taken a look at their job board while I was there…

We said goodbye with happy hearts and left relaxed, content and with farmer’s tans sun-kissed.

Riggo and Moose on the other hand left comatose…

24+ hours later and they’re still nursing their fun-hangover. Girl could get used to that too 🙂

Scenes from a Saturday: The Barn Show

Today was one of those days when I wished I had a girlfriend who lived around the corner. The kind where I can knock on her door and say, “Drop what you’re doing we’re going to this awesome vintage home decor sale…in a BARN!” To which she would say, “You rock, I’ve been looking for an excuse not to do laundry today!” But alas, my GFs are peppered far and wide across the area, and I couldn’t wait 4.5 hours for Pam101 to get here from Pittsburgh (although knowing her, it’s not far fetched to think she would have come). So with Joey comatose from night shift work and not even a single parent available to hang out, it was off to The Barn Show with me, myself and I.

This was my maiden Barn voyage to the “thrice yearly barn shows featuring a chic collection of antiques, architectural salvage, unique home decor and gift items.” Suffice it to say, I’ll be back. In fact, I might need to go back tomorrow, the last day of this particular sale, because there are some amazing finds that I can’t get out of my head. I’m currently trying to convince Joey to buy me this vintage Westinghouse Fan for my birthday.

It’s going over as well as the chalkboard wall discussion. I’ll also be dreaming of this gorgeous rustic light fixture.

One day, you will grace my entryway gorgeous light fixture…one day.

And now for some more eye candy…

I couldn’t walk away empty handed, so I bought myself a lovely bar of handmade soap and called it a day.

If you live in the Annapolis/Baltimore area, you have one more day left to check out The Barn Show, and I highly suggest you do! Find all the info you need HERE.

Hope you’re finding a way to avoid laundry this weekend too!

Act 3, Scene 5: Pittsburgh

If I could describe this weekend in one word, it would be Perfection. My trip with Alex to Pittsburgh to meet Christine’s little man was just a perfect weekend from start to finish — the friendships, the laughs, the FOOD (we ate A LOT, and by A LOT I mean non-stop for three days), and of course the star of the show, baby Connor.

I loved every second of our trip, and as I took a bite of my “gob” on the way home (Thanks Pam101!), I thought about a card my mom gave me when she dropped me off at the dorms my freshman year of college. It read, “Learn all you can, and surround yourself with wonderful people.” A decade later, I look at my life and feel truly lucky to have such an amazing group of girlfriends who are strong, independent, smart and compassionate people who influence me to be the best version of myself.

More to come on Pittsburgh this week. Tonight, I leave you with photos. Prepare to have your heart stolen!