Bear Necessities


This girl is so necessary in my life. I think everyone needs that one girlfriend who when you say, “I’m jumping off a bridge naked tomorrow,” her reply is, “Ok. What time should I be there, and how are you wearing your hair?” Spending Friday night together just reminded me of how lucky I am.

I actually feel rather blessed to have several girls like Alex in my life. The kind that no matter how many miles you put in between yourselves, or how many days/weeks/months you go without touching base, you just KNOW if you ever needed them they’d be there in a flash. They’ll support you and cheer for you and make you feel a little less crazy during the times when you don’t know your left from your right.

It’s not always easy to do when things kicks into high gear, but we need to take time out to foster these relationships. Send an email, text, make a phone call to let these friends know they are appreciated. Because let’s be honest, in the marathon of life, it’s the people on the sidelines cheering us on that help us power through the next mile. Bear necessities.

8/5/2011: Alex & Anthony’s Wedding Day in Pictures

I never knew a bride could be so relaxed on her wedding day. Alex seriously had some wedding zen going on, and it made for such a fabulous, enjoyable, memorable and beautiful day for everyone. Tropical Storm Emily had been taunting the Dominican Republic the two days leading up to the BIG day, but on Friday the clouds parted and the sun came out. How did we spend the morning? By the pool of course, we all took a water aerobics class and then took jumping pictures on the beach, naturally 🙂

Alex and her bridesmaid, Jill

There goes the Bride!

Alex & her Dad practicing their Father/Daughter dance

The Last Single Girl Kiss - stopping by the pool to say goodbye to her groom before heading off to our hair appointments

Time to get pretty - outside the resort's spa

We all got ready in Alex's villa -- talk about a view!!!

Doing my MOH duties and helping the bride into her gorgeous gown! I love this photo 🙂


I've never seen Alex so happy! She was so excited and happy to be walking down the aisle to meet her groom. I loved this moment.

Mr. & Mrs. Strawn! I told Alex to look up because a huge crowd had formed on the balcony above to watch her wedding. They were all clapping and cheering!

Alex and her MOHs. We love this girl!

The First Dance to "The Way You Look Tonight" -- so sweet!

The food was great and the reception was a blast! People were dancing their butts off, and while there was a nice breeze coming off the ocean, I’ve never seen people (myself included) sweat so much!!! When I changed out of my dress that night, my entire stomach was dyed blue 🙂 In my book, that’s just a sign of a really awesome wedding!

Another personal highlight of the day was giving my Maid of Honor speech. More on that to come soon.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Strawn!

I’m Baaaaack

After 5 fabulous nights in the Dominican Republic, I’m back to reality and internet access. I still have a lot of digging out to do, and one more day before I go back to work, so for the sake of being efficient and not leaving you hanging, take a look at my Facebook photos of our trip:

More commentary to come soon! Suffice it to say though that not even Tropical Storm Emily could bring us down. The clouds parted and the sun came out to create the most perfect wedding day for Alex and Anthony.


Coming Soon To a Blog Near You

Alex’s Bridal Shower/Bachelorette weekend was wildly successful. So much so that I haven’t gotten around to uploading photos yet, which means it may take me awhile to post! Can’t wait to share details though of her “Around-the-Clock” themed shower (yay, can finally reveal!), and her swanky night out on the town.

Just wanted to give you a little teaser with the photo above, which may be one of my favorite photos of Alex EVER! We decided this is the Billboard for Bravo’s next hit reality show, “Real Bachelorette Parties of DC” — hot child in the city!


Little Big Moments

Last weekend, Alex and I hopped in Sally (my mustang of course) and headed north to Pittsburgh to visit Christine. I met these girls my Freshman year of college, and while busy schedules and general distance keep us from seeing each other often, it still amazes me that every time we’re together it feels like no time has passed. I feel fortunate to have these amazing women in my life.

As I’ve told you, Christine is going to be a Mama in just a few months (although miss skinny-minny looks less like she’s cooking a human being inside of her, and more like she ate a big lunch), and this weekend was a reminder of how amazing, and wonderful the journey of life is. Life throws all sorts of moments at you — the holy sh*t moments, the bone-crushing sad moments, the blissful moments, and so on — and this weekend I was smacked in the face by a glorious Little Big Moment.

It happened while a group of us were sitting around watching Christine open some gifts. Her friend Jen bought her the cutest assortment of little baby clothes, and as she pulled out one tiny outfit after another, we all started crying – no joke, tears were flowing everywhere, we were like a Lifetime for Women movie or something. The fact of it is, as much as I already KNEW Christine was getting ready to be a mommy, and I rubbed that cute little burrito-belly of hers, it was seeing those tiny-human clothes that made me realize in a few months there was going to be an actual tiny-human in them. A tiny-human that looks a lot like my best friend Christine.

It might sound trivial, but I tell you that little moment rocked me to my core. It was as if all of a sudden I realized how quickly life was moving, how significant these moments are and how blessed I feel to witness these girls, my sisters, as we all enter new and exciting chapters. We’re becoming moms. And fiances. And wives. (Some of us are in Africa, making the world a better place, and yet their spirit is very much present for all these moments too – we miss you Hilary!)

And it’s so much bigger than all that too. Maybe you’re in school, maybe you’re switching careers, maybe you’re buying your first home. This Little Big Moment of mine just made me realize that wherever we are in life, it should be celebrated. The journey is uncertain, and winding, and sometimes long, or even a little scary…but when you pause, and soak up all that is going on around you…man, o man, is it beautiful.

Um…Yes, Please!

In a mere 3 months and some change, I’ll be hopping on a plane w/ the fiance enroute to the Dominican Republic for my bestie Alex’s wedding. The words, “I can’t wait” don’t even begin to describe how I feel. Alex recently changed the resort where her wedding will be held, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the new venue, so naturally I had to share. Hold onto your seats people:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wonder if it’s too late to score a “two-for-one” deal on weddings?! 😉

The Countdown Begins: Dominican Here We Come

My big accomplishment this week was booking our trip to the Dominican Republic for Alex & Anthony’s wedding in August. Here we come white sand, crystal blue water, hot sun and cold drinks with little umbrellas in them!

Now I can just sit back and laugh at winter because with this trip on my radar ain’t nothin’ gonna bring me down! I’m already thinking about little sun dresses, a new bikini and how cute that re-sail bag will look on the beach (hint hint).


My MOH duties are back as tonight I head into Georgetown for an accessories appointment and maiden bridesmaid dress voyage with my bridey, Alex. We scheduled this appointment to coincide with her future-mother-in-laws holiday visit to the area. But really, what were we thinking trying on bridesmaid dresses 4 days before Christmas? Didn’t I realize I would have been stuffing my face silly with Christmas cookies and other can’t-stop-eating-them sweets for the past couple of weeks? I feel about as sexy as Santa. Maybe this will be the pre-New Years motivation I need to get my butt back to spin class!

Yes To The Dress

I went wedding dress shopping with Alex, her mom and her other MOH (man of honor), Colin, yesterday in the city. Two bridal appointments later our bride-to-be was signing on the dotted line. She found her dress! We couldn’t believe how painless the entire process was – go bridey! It’s beautiful, spectacular, MADE for her – I literally can’t imagine any other dress being as perfect for her as this dress is. What made the experience even more special was that the dress designer was actually at the store yesterday, so we got to meet him and learn about all the thought and time that went into creating the gown. It makes you realize that bridal dresses really are works of art in their own right. While I obviously can’t share photos of THE dress, I would like to share a photo of a beautiful swarovski crystal belt placed on a dress that is not THE dress. Want to know how much it cost?? $950! For a belt! If I was paying that much for a belt, it better make me instantly look 20 pounds lighter. I’m just sayin’….

Now that Alex has her dress, only 1 of my 3 2011 brides is left. (Kacccccieeeee….)