Yes To The Dress

I went wedding dress shopping with Alex, her mom and her other MOH (man of honor), Colin, yesterday in the city. Two bridal appointments later our bride-to-be was signing on the dotted line. She found her dress! We couldn’t believe how painless the entire process was – go bridey! It’s beautiful, spectacular, MADE for her – I literally can’t imagine any other dress being as perfect for her as this dress is. What made the experience even more special was that the dress designer was actually at the store yesterday, so we got to meet him and learn about all the thought and time that went into creating the gown. It makes you realize that bridal dresses really are works of art in their own right. While I obviously can’t share photos of THE dress, I would like to share a photo of a beautiful swarovski crystal belt placed on a dress that is not THE dress. Want to know how much it cost?? $950! For a belt! If I was paying that much for a belt, it better make me instantly look 20 pounds lighter. I’m just sayin’….

Now that Alex has her dress, only 1 of my 3 2011 brides is left. (Kacccccieeeee….)

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