Bear Necessities


This girl is so necessary in my life. I think everyone needs that one girlfriend who when you say, “I’m jumping off a bridge naked tomorrow,” her reply is, “Ok. What time should I be there, and how are you wearing your hair?” Spending Friday night together just reminded me of how lucky I am.

I actually feel rather blessed to have several girls like Alex in my life. The kind that no matter how many miles you put in between yourselves, or how many days/weeks/months you go without touching base, you just KNOW if you ever needed them they’d be there in a flash. They’ll support you and cheer for you and make you feel a little less crazy during the times when you don’t know your left from your right.

It’s not always easy to do when things kicks into high gear, but we need to take time out to foster these relationships. Send an email, text, make a phone call to let these friends know they are appreciated. Because let’s be honest, in the marathon of life, it’s the people on the sidelines cheering us on that help us power through the next mile. Bear necessities.

4 thoughts on “Bear Necessities

  1. Just seeing this post now… Love you Diana… this brought a tear to my eye 🙂 You are the sweetest and the best. You are easy to be best friends with and easy to love. So when are we jumping off that bridge naked? Dec _?

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