Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, but since hospitals tend to frown on fur-people in the workplace (except of course if they are service or therapy dogs, and lets be honest, we’re talking about Moose and Riggo here), I decided to take the day off from work and spend it with my four-legged children. Can you tell how appreciative they are?

In all honesty, I’m off today because I’m headed to Georgia for a wedding this weekend. Originally we had planned to drive and make a little road trip out of it, but then I came to my senses and bought a plane ticket. Joey’s staying home to hold down the fort, and I’m traveling with my brothers for the first time since, most likely, some Disney vacation from 1997. I’m sure we’ll all get along better this time ūüėČ

Speaking of brothers, poor Moose can’t ever catch a break. The second he lays down for a nap, his little brother comes pouncing from around the corner. I must say though, it is pretty entertaining.

 Happy Friday! Anyone take their dog to work today?

Two Can Play at That Game

They don’t call them labrador retrievers for nothin’. These two knuckle heads love to play fetch more than the Duggars’ love to have babies (ok, sorry, first metaphor that came to my head. For the record, the Duggars freak me out, I refuse to watch that show and I think it’s completely unnatural to breed your own basketball team complete with bench warmers. Moving on.). I grew up with a Jack Russell Terrior whose idea of fetching was chasing a treat across the room, so I think it’s pretty great to have dogs that get all crazy when you say, “Wanna play fetch???”

Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking this is hilarious…

That’s right, one item to fetch and they’ll share the responsibility. It’s a rare, but proud, occasion when either one of them comes out the sole victor…

The best part about dogs that play fetch, and I think the owner of any high energy breed would agree, it’s a great way to ensure you have tired pups for the rest of the night.

Happy Friday Everyone!

*PS: If you’re wondering why their leashes are on it’s because it’s the time of year when the ticks start coming back at¬†our favorite spot to play fetch, so now we use the yard outside our house which is closer to the road, so the leashes make it easier to grab the dogs when cars turn down the street. Safety first people!

*PSS: Sorry the action pictures are all a little blurry, my shutter speed was clearly too low and I wasn’t reviewing as I was shooting. Negative points for me.¬†

God Made Yellow Labs Cute For a Reason

Labs are notorious chewers. And now that I have experience raising two yellow lab puppies, I’m convinced that the reason they are so darn cute is because their survival depends on it.

Ever since I posted this you all have been asking, “What did Riggo do???” ¬†I’ll start by saying that it’s definitely the proverbial “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” scenario. You all remember what happened to the wooden arms of our chair when we first started leaving Riggo out of his crate (find a reminder here). Well after that incident it was back to the crate. Then as time went on, we thought we’d give it another go around.

Everything was going great. He spent all week out of the crate, and the worst thing we came home to was a moved chair and some blankets from his crate chewed up on the floor (no doubt from a game of tug-o-war). We thought we were in the clear.

Famous last thought.

After going up to New Jersey for the afternoon for my cousin’s graduation party, we came home only to find pieces of leather sofa scattered about the room. That’s right. Leather. Sofa. Lets survey the damage…

Every time I tell the story, the first question is, “How do you know it wasn’t Moose?” Well, for one, Moose has never ever, in all his chewing escapades (shoes, tupperware, books, pot holders), gone after furniture. And two, definitive confirmation came as Riggo pooped leather couch for the next couple of days. Honestly, I am fully aware of how lucky we are that we haven’t had to spend $5k on emergency surgery for either of these dogs. (Yes, I just knocked on wood, rubbed a rabbit’s foot and stuck a horseshoe in my pocket.)

The culprit and the crime scene…

Needless to say, Riggo won himself a one-way ticket back to crateland. Which is fine because, like Moose, he really does love and feel safe in his crate. We’ll try again when he turns one. And because we know that there are still no promises that when we try again, it won’t happen again, we’ve opted to cover this multitude of sins with the good ‘ol Redskins blanket…

Why do I feel like WE are the ones in the dog house?

The Incredible Switch of Good Dog, Bad Dog

I haven’t written much about what a good puppy Riggo has been in the 3 months we’ve had him,¬†so to¬†sum it up¬†he’s pretty mellow,¬†never whines, he isn’t nippy, he isn’t destructive, he took to his crate right away and picked up potty training in record time. basically, he immediately became the Jekyll to Moose’s sock-eating, shoe-chewing, whiny, hyper¬†Hyde. And now that you have the back story, I give you the tale of the incredible switch of Good Dog, Bad Dog.

Since Riggo has been such a good dog he has been enjoying some early perks, such as when we leave the house for short periods of time we let little Rigs out of his crate to enjoy first-floor freedom with his big brother. He seemed to be enjoying the new privilege, but last night the 5-month-old little stinker let us know in very clear terms that our move was premature.

What? Is his cuteness distracting you? The little “look at my cute flipped-ear” move throwing you off? He’s a clever one! Let me give you a closer look…

And one more just to drive this puppy home…

O yes, Riggo decided to make a snack out of the chair arms.¬† If the dog hair didn’t tip off our vistors, this chair now¬†definitely screams “A YELLOW LAB LIVES HERE.”

Moose was destructive in his own way, grabbing things off the table,¬†out of closets and off of counters. But never once, never ONCE, did he ever bother with our furniture. It should also be noted that Moose, at 2+ years old, has *mostly* outgrown his “while the parents are away, the dog will play” mentality. He finally learned that chewing random objects doesn’t lead to anything good.

So while of course I’m upset over a destroyed chair, it also makes me laugh to imagine Riggo¬†just going to town on those wooden arms and Moose sitting back thinking, “Duuuude, you’re gonna get in sooooo much trouble.”

Moose = Good Dog. Riggo = Bad Dog. It’s a funny, mixed up world we live in.

Friday Cuteness

Happy Friday everyone!!! Nothing like a little puppy love to start the weekend off right ūüôā Lots of celebratin’ happening this weekend as I bid farewell to 26 and usher in 27…which I think officially puts me in the “late 20s” category! How did that happen?!?

The good news is that somehow it just keeps getting better! Bring it on 27.

Brothers Like No Others


I realize if you have an overactive mind, like I tend to have sometimes, then this photo looks a little creepy and all “bom-chicka-bow-wow,” but when you get over that it’s mostly just cute. Quality is a little crappy (camera phone, sorry!), but I thought it was really funny that these two crazy pups decided that smack in front of the fireplace was a perfect spot to share their bone.

Life Lessons: A Dog’s Eye View

I could write a post about how Moose chewed my beloved heart rate monitor, because, well, he did. But instead of being insanely angry in that moment (I let Joey be the angry one, he’s the one who left it within Marley’s Moose’s grasp) I found myself just shrugging it off. Why get angry over something that is over and done with? No use crying over spilt milk, or chewed up exercise gear. And as I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly brought on my newly found Zen, I’ve been thinking a lot about these two crazy dogs of ours. I’ve decided there’s a lot we can learn from dogs when it comes to our outlook on life.

Here’s my top 5 life lessons from a dog’s eye view:

1. Go Hard or Go Home. Whatever these guys do, they do it full force. When it comes to fetching a ball it’s an all out sprint like their life depends on it, no 50% effort here. Time to play in the snow? They’ll play the heck out of some snow. Chew a heart rate monitor? There’s no stopping at a few teeth marks, they’re gonna eat the whole damn strap. Work hard, play hard, love hard, sleep hard. We should all approach our lives that way.

2. Be Here Now. This is something I wrote about when this blog was still a newborn (I think we’ve reached toddler status now, don’t you think?). Dogs have totally mastered the “be here now” mentality. It sort of goes along with #1. Whatever they’re doing in any given moment is the only thing that matters. They’re not worried about a tomorrow they can’t predict, or a past they can’t change. There’s only the here and the now. And the people that are in the here and now are the only ones that matter.

3. Life’s too Short to Hold a Grudge. I guess it’s easy when you have really bad short-term memory, but dogs will never hold a grudge. Trust me, I’ve tried to be mad at Moose but even after you yell at him for eating your shoe/ carpet/christmas ornament/etc, he turns around and looks at you with those big brown eyes that say, “I still love you.” You can’t stay mad at that! If we’re honest with ourselves, most of the things we get mad at other people for are usually very insignificant. Life is too short to say anything other than, “I might be upset, but I still love you.”

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously. Don’t worry about looking like a weirdo. Get dirty, let it all hang out, seize the moment, make yourself comfortable. Do YOU. Because honestly, who are you trying to impress anyways? There’s the quote, “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dogs never worry about being judged, or looking a certain way. They embrace all their dogginess and just get on with their bad selves. ¬†Work it!

5. Life is Better Together. Dogs are pack animals, and crave companionship. They know that life is always better when we have people around us to share it with. Being alone has its perks (like stealing an entire plate of cinnamon buns off the counter and no one is there to stop you from eating every last crumb), but there’s nothing better than togetherness. That’s why you can be gone for 5 hours, or 5 minutes, but you better believe there will be tails wagging when you walk back through that door. Reunions are always so exciting!