View from Up Here


Waking up to this lovely view from our private balcony at Casa de North Carolina Friends.

Inside our room looks more like this…


That’s Moose and his girlfriend Maddie. I think Moose is finally exhausted after running away last night and jumping into the muddy sound at around 10pm. Yeah, that happened.

Hope your weekend is full of unexpected adventures!

Sunday Happiness

This little mug makes me so happy. The kind of happy where I’m somehow able to completely ignore all the clutter on the desk and just focus on the gorgeous colors in the glaze. Thank you Pam101 for the sweet surprise “thank you” gift. You see, I made Pam101 this video from her amazing cross country Road Trip, and she surprised me with this mug that I was coveting in Annapolis Pottery the day we drank the 6lb Milkshake (round two). Awesome friend, I tell you. Anyone else need a video? Will Work for Pottery.

Quotes make me happy. This quote on my yogi tea bag makes me really happy. My mom tells me that when I was little my grandmother used to say,  “Don’t crush their spirit,” whenever someone would try to correct any of the grandkids. I think it’s a great philosophy.

This big lug makes me happy. I love when he hangs out under my chair when I’m on the computer. Sometimes he even fools ME into believing he’s a well behaved lab.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love Is All Around

Did you know Valentine’s Day is next week? How did that happen? A typical Valentine’s Day for us is sitting around eating an entire heart shaped box of chocolates, but this year I’m thinking maybe we should do it up a bit more — you know, with it being our first ‘married’ Valentine’s Day and all. NBD.

With no idea as to what ‘doing it up’ will consist of, I decided to at least try and get into the fake holiday spirit. I had some old boxes of conversation hearts (yummy), chalkboard banners from our wedding (used as table chart, bought from this shop on Etsy), and of course my trusty makes-everything-instantly-more-charming mason jars.

I doubt Martha’s jumping up and down over my quicky craft, but in this house it’s getting two paws up…errr, make that four. Eight if you count Moose.

I think we can all benefit from a little extra love here and there.