heart-candle-image1I’m so sad about the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Ct. Every time I see the sweet faces of those children, or hear the heroic tales of the teachers who tried to protect them my heart just aches.

I can’t help but feel we live in a very scary world. And I worry that this is the world my future children will live in, and how if things don’t change they’re only going to get worse.

You may have seen this article making the rounds on Facebook, but I finally stopped to read it this morning and I’m glad I did. It’s a reminder of the beautiful things that are happening all around us too. Click to read:

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

This holiday season I hope we all remember to love each other more, cherish the moments with family and friends and realize that, even in it’s hardest moments, life is truly a gift.

Thankful for Traditions

This is our fourth Christmas in our house (which is hard to believe), and when I think about our Christmas Traditions it’s usually in the context of, “When we have a family, every Christmas we should…”

What I fail to realize when I look to the future instead of focusing on the present, is that organically over the past four years we’ve started some family traditions of our own. Like how at the end of every year we SWEAR we’re going to get rid of our worn out, dog attacked artificial tree and get a new one. But every year that tree ends up back in storage only to make another appearance next Christmas. And every year we put it up, decorate the hell out of it, and sit on our couch to proudly admire our handy work proclaiming that, “Ya know, that tree isn’t so bad after all.”

And when it comes to our outside lights, well that’s a whole other production. Every year it seems our tradition involves Joey picking the coldest night of the season to date, and heading out to the shed in an outfit that’s entirely inappropriate for the weather and/or yard work to rummage around for last year’s lights only to determine that several strands don’t work anymore. What follows is a late night trip to Ace Hardware, a dinner that will need to be reheated later, and me laughing as I sit on the couch watching girly tv shows while the dogs run from the downstairs windows to the upstairs ones desperately trying to figure out what Daddy’s doing outside. A couple of hours later, Joey comes in with a proud look on his face, I fake annoyance at having to bundle up for a trip outside when I’m perfectly content (and warm) inside, and then I get walked borderline execution style down our front path to the street where I count to three before turning around for a Clark Griswald style reveal.

Naturally, our outdoor lights end up looking awesomely ridiculous, we declare ourselves the unofficial blue ribbon winners of the non-existent neighborhood light competition, and then we call it a night.

I do love our little traditions.


How great are these wine bottle tags from a company called popptags! You can find a whole slew of witty and creative tags at their website, I highly suggest you check it out.  The two above – that so perfectly describes every bottle of wine I’ve ever given as a gift!!! I totally shop for fun labels that remind me of the person I’m giving the bottle to. Lord only knows what they taste like. I think I’ll have to order some of these tags come holiday time; at least I can be honest about the wine I’m giving ;).