When Minds Go Crazy

I’m trying to channel my inner zen lately with the mantras of “Be Here Now” and “One Day at a Time” but for whatever reason I can’t seem to still my overactive mind. I guess on one hand it’s normal to be 28 and thinking about where I see my life in 5, 10, 15 years. But at the same time, there are so many different versions of my life I conjure up that it’s hard to figure out which version I like best, and what plan of action will make me happiest. So I talk myself in circles, out of one idea and into the next only to talk myself back into the original idea. Then I just give up, grab a raspberry popsicle, decide the laundry can get folded tomorrow and sit down with my Kindle Fire and 50 Shades of Grey.

I’ll figure out my life tomorrow.

We Decided to Come Back

After a lot of thought, we decided to come home after our weekend in North Carolina. I could have stayed. Forever maybe. But that’s a conversation for another day.

In all honesty, after a whirlwind weekend and a 7 hour road trip North, it felt really good to be home last night. Still feels good this morning, minus the whole “have to go to work now” thing. I’ll be back soon with more pictures from our weekend that included boat rides, beach trips, barn visits, friendships and lots of Labs.

Happy Monday!

View from Up Here


Waking up to this lovely view from our private balcony at Casa de North Carolina Friends.

Inside our room looks more like this…


That’s Moose and his girlfriend Maddie. I think Moose is finally exhausted after running away last night and jumping into the muddy sound at around 10pm. Yeah, that happened.

Hope your weekend is full of unexpected adventures!

Scenes From a Birthday: Take 28

Thanks for all the Birthday Love! The party continues tomorrow with a day off from work and a hot date night with the hubster 🙂 27 was definitely a year to be reckoned with, and I’m expecting big things from 28!

PS: Just published this post to see that it’s my 484th post…I was born in April of 1984…4/84. It’s a sign! 

Scenes from a Saturday: Bayside

As the ancient proverb states, “When in doubt, call your mom.” Ok, you caught me, not an ancient proverb, but definitely a phrase that’s worth putting on a bumper sticker. I had to get my car’s emissions inspected this morning and after I passed the test with flying colors, I realized I had no real plans for the rest of the day and no real desire to head home. So I called my mom, and made a hard left in the direction of the Bay.

On the way there, I did something I haven’t been able to do for the past several years. I turned into our old neighborhood and drove past our old house. It was weird. A little emotional. But I’m glad I did it. Hey NYCathy, I know you recognize this…

More from this beautiful Maryland day…

Found the most perfect housewarming gift for a certain someone at this cute consignment shop. You’ll have to wait and see though!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Hello Birthday Month!

Talk about a day late and a dollar short but HELLO APRIL! April is pretty much my favorite month, and yes it has everything to do with the fact that it’s my birthday month. I love cake like a fat kid loves cake. Don’t believe me?

Can I just say it’s moments like that, when I’m shoving my face into an entire cake, that I feel the most grown up. I know that sounds completely backwards, but think about it. If I wasn’t a grown up, I’d totally get yelled out for doing something like that. But my house, my cake, my rules. I promise I only did this after all guests had left.

Enough about cake, lets talk about April. We have a big month ahead folks. First it’s Easter (and Whitney’s birthday!), followed by my birthday, followed by a long weekend in North Carolina! Sooooo excited for a mini-vaca. We’re visiting friends who moved down there and scheduling this visit was on my Get Sh*t Done list. Our friends have two labs too, so the boys are coming with us for one big crazy happy Lab Party. You can bet I’ll be sharing lots of pictures from the trip. We get back from NC just in time for Sara’s baby shower and Owen’s christening. Joey was asked to be Owen’s Godfather, so we’ll be practicing our Marlon Brando impressions starting now. We’re scheduled to round out the month with the Run Amuck mud run, but all the friends we were supposed to be running with are dropping like flies (way to get pregnant Kacie ;)), so our last weekend in April is TBD.

So what does April have in store for you? I hope it involves cake.

The Only Thing Constant is Change

I’m making the preggo-friend rounds lately, and had a little city date with Sara last night. The last time we got together she spilled the beans to me that she was pregnant, so it was extra fun to see her cute little growing baby bump and gush all about her nursery design ideas. I met this girl on the second day of my first full time post-college job. By day three we were attached at the hip — literally because my desk was right next to hers. I realized that we’ve been doing brunch/lunch/dinner/coffee dates for about 6 years now, and over that time our conversations have run the gamut —  from what bar we’ll be at Friday night, to who’s dating who, new apartments, to buying homes, buying puppies, getting engaged, getting married, career moves, finances and now babies and family.

The conversations change, we’ve seen our priorities in life evolve, but at the end of the night we’re still two girls, sipping wine water and dreaming about our futures. So while they say the only thing constant is change, I’d argue that another thing that’s constant is friendship. And like anything in life that’s worth it, friendships require a little bit of work. You have to make time on a Monday night after work to drive into the city to meet for dinner, and let friends easily twist your arm into fawning over itty bitty girly clothes at Baby Gap even though you probably should be heading home. It’s a little bit of effort, a little bit of sacrifice, but a lotta bit of worth it.

PS: How adorable is Sara’s baby shower invite?!

Project 52: “Hunger”

Well you know I had to make up for the failed ice cream adventure of earlier this week, so I picked up doggie crack Frosty Paws at the grocery store yesterday and thought it might work as a loose interpretation of this week’s theme. You would think these dogs never get fed the way they act when they spot their doggie desserts. And look at how well trained they are — I actually told them to lie down and do their best impression of the dog on the box. They nailed it. Such smart dogs.

Frosty Paws put them in such a trance that a landscaper started cutting some of the neighborhood common space with a weedwacker about 5 feet away from their heads and they didn’t even once look up…

I guess this didn’t satiate Moose’s appetite though because I just caught him in the master bathroom eating a bar of soap. You know I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Happy Friday!

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