Chip Off the Old Bucket List

I’m taking my thickest black sharpie and crossing “Grill!” off the Summer Kickoff Bucket List. Since Friday, we’ve grilled (and eaten) steak, chicken, turkey burgers, zucchini and tamales.

Oh, and we ate watermelon. Lots of watermelon. (Check!)

One thing I should have put on the list was “Dine Al Fresco” because we did that too. All of us…

And another gross omission from the list was “Meet Sara and Eric in Downtown Annapolis When They Call You Out of the Blue to Say ‘Hey We’ll be Downtown Today’ and Get Dinner and Then Go for Ice Cream and Sit By the Water.” Ok, clearly this was one of those happy accidents when all the stars aligned and we didn’t have to plan for weeks to make it happen. I love happy accidents!

Now about that ice cream. It’s up there with cake for me in that I love ice cream like a fat kid loves ice cream, so I ordered the scoop and a half, when everyone else ordered just a scoop. The good thing about ordering the bigger size was that it came in a cup called a “Walkie”…

We quickly understood why they called it a “Walkie”, as we determined the one scoop size cup should have been called a “Stopie” because as soon as you get outside it starts melting everywhere and there’s no good way to walk and eat it. So you have to stop.


Back to the Bucket List though, to balance the eating of grilled food and sweet things I did get my butt into spin class (check!). And to round it out, I also did a little shopping to pick up a new dress for NYC (check!).

Hope you’re enjoying your summer kickoff weekend! Check in tomorrow to learn about the fun I have in store for the coming week 🙂

One last little photo update. Instead of keeping with the weekly Project 52 Themes, I’ve decided to try a new weekly photo ‘link up’ at a blog called Simple As That, where the idea is to take photos that celebrate the simple moments that make you smile each week. I love the creative freedom it offers. Feel free to join me in this new weekly adventure!


For those who have asked how the Moose man is getting along after the Paw Pad fiasco, I’m happy to report he’s doing nearly 100% better. It took a couple days, but science worked its magic and his paws are healing on their own. For my dog owner readers who run into a similar situation, what worked for us was just wiping his paws off with Bactine a couple times a day, especially after coming in from being outside, keeping him off his feet as much as possible so his cuts could air out, and a little bit of baby aspirin to ease the pain. We decided not to take him to the vet because a) they wouldn’t have told us anything different than some of the advice I found online and b) we kept a close eye on his feet to make sure it didn’t look like anything was infected. If they weren’t healing so well we might have considered the vet, but we aren’t quick to pull the trigger on those visits for previously stated reason A. We learned our lesson about the vet after once shelling out $500 to have them tell us they couldn’t find anything wrong with our dog, only to go home that night and have him throw up a sock. True story.

The English (Lab) Patient

Talk about a sad puppy dog face…

I’ve long thought that Moose would play himself to death if given the chance, and my suspicions were half-confirmed this weekend after Joey took the dogs down to his buddy’s country house where there were acres to run on and the bay to swim in. I don’t know if there were shells in the water or what, but Moose came home with not one, not two, not three, but ALL FOUR paws blistered and skinned. Poor guy’s walking around like the ground is made of hot coals. And I don’t know what hurts more — his feet, or my heart to see him so uncomfortable.

After work I decided to play nurse, and picked up a cocktail of Bactine, antibiotic ointment, gauze and baby aspirin to try and heal his feet and take away some of the pain.

Not quite sure how effective these are, but Moose doesn’t seem to mind and it puts a little barrier between his sore paws and the ground.

Oh, and little brother is doing a great job of keeping our patient company.

Hope your week is off to a more comfortable start. If there are any dog people reading this who have dealt with similar paw issues, let me know if I’m on the right path!

View from Up Here


Waking up to this lovely view from our private balcony at Casa de North Carolina Friends.

Inside our room looks more like this…


That’s Moose and his girlfriend Maddie. I think Moose is finally exhausted after running away last night and jumping into the muddy sound at around 10pm. Yeah, that happened.

Hope your weekend is full of unexpected adventures!

Project 52: “Hunger”

Well you know I had to make up for the failed ice cream adventure of earlier this week, so I picked up doggie crack Frosty Paws at the grocery store yesterday and thought it might work as a loose interpretation of this week’s theme. You would think these dogs never get fed the way they act when they spot their doggie desserts. And look at how well trained they are — I actually told them to lie down and do their best impression of the dog on the box. They nailed it. Such smart dogs.

Frosty Paws put them in such a trance that a landscaper started cutting some of the neighborhood common space with a weedwacker about 5 feet away from their heads and they didn’t even once look up…

I guess this didn’t satiate Moose’s appetite though because I just caught him in the master bathroom eating a bar of soap. You know I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Happy Friday!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Sunday Happiness

This little mug makes me so happy. The kind of happy where I’m somehow able to completely ignore all the clutter on the desk and just focus on the gorgeous colors in the glaze. Thank you Pam101 for the sweet surprise “thank you” gift. You see, I made Pam101 this video from her amazing cross country Road Trip, and she surprised me with this mug that I was coveting in Annapolis Pottery the day we drank the 6lb Milkshake (round two). Awesome friend, I tell you. Anyone else need a video? Will Work for Pottery.

Quotes make me happy. This quote on my yogi tea bag makes me really happy. My mom tells me that when I was little my grandmother used to say,  “Don’t crush their spirit,” whenever someone would try to correct any of the grandkids. I think it’s a great philosophy.

This big lug makes me happy. I love when he hangs out under my chair when I’m on the computer. Sometimes he even fools ME into believing he’s a well behaved lab.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Act 3, Scene 5: Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day was low-key and lovely. From the tacky box of chocolates I gave Joey, to making a mess in the kitchen together…

(Nothing says I Love You like onion breath)

The four-legged ones got a special Valentine’s treat of course. Riggo’s tail was going at least 60 wags-per-second, and Moose got so excited he sat on his toy. Frosty Paws will do that to a dog.

Talk about love…

As for my Valentine’s Day card, lets just say Joey didn’t realize it opened up to a third panel…

Whoops. It’s a keeper.

And the mother-load…

You better believe we took a bite out of each piece. Some traditions are worth keeping!

Hope your V-day was filled with Love 🙂


Love Is All Around

Did you know Valentine’s Day is next week? How did that happen? A typical Valentine’s Day for us is sitting around eating an entire heart shaped box of chocolates, but this year I’m thinking maybe we should do it up a bit more — you know, with it being our first ‘married’ Valentine’s Day and all. NBD.

With no idea as to what ‘doing it up’ will consist of, I decided to at least try and get into the fake holiday spirit. I had some old boxes of conversation hearts (yummy), chalkboard banners from our wedding (used as table chart, bought from this shop on Etsy), and of course my trusty makes-everything-instantly-more-charming mason jars.

I doubt Martha’s jumping up and down over my quicky craft, but in this house it’s getting two paws up…errr, make that four. Eight if you count Moose.

I think we can all benefit from a little extra love here and there.