Call Me Kate

Despite my attempts to surprise everyone with our wedding and skillfully avoid anything that made me feel super-duper bridey, my Mom and Alex outsmarted me and surprised me with a bridal shower this weekend. And guess what? It was fabulous.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that Alex got me a fascinator so I could channel my inner Kate….

Or that there were twinkle lights over exposed beams

Or that so much attention went into every little detail, from our names in scrabble tiles, to adorable little signs on the various drink/food stations, to fun games that were planned with Joey’s help behind my back. There were so many cherries on top of this sundae. Like these two crazy kids coming down from Philly…

That’s me hugging the crap out of my cousin and former bride, Jackie, and her former-MOH and all around awesome friend, Julia (this is what I do when I get overwhelmed with surprises, I shriek/squeal and just start hugging everyone around me). Another cherry — Alex’s mom and dad coming down from NJ, which is awesome in itself because I just loved spending time with them during all of Alex’s bridal festivities so it’s always a pleasure to see them again, but they one-uped the awesome factor by bringing downTHE cake from the swiss bakery in Philly…

Since our wedding is going to be very small, Joey and I aren’t registering anywhere, so I loved all the thoughtful gifts people came up with for the shower. Since my obsession with all things chalkboard has been rather apparent lately, these handmade chalkboard frames from Kacie & Alex may be one of my favorite things EVER.

Flippin’ love these two!

But you know what? The day would have been equally as special without all the cherries. We could have sat around on the floor in dresses made out of potato sacks (as long as I could still wear my fascinator) and it would have been just as fantastic because I was surrounded by awesome ladies who know and care for me. Thank you everyone who came, and thank you Mom for being an amazing hostess and all around beautiful person inside and out.

Oh, and my dress — it’s totally making an encore appearance late night on our wedding day. If Kate Middleton can do it, so can I!

Kacie’s Bridal Shower Luncheon

Kacie’s Bridal Shower is the perfect example of how to throw an awesome party by taking advantage of the resources/skills of family and friends. If, for example, your Mom has a beautiful home, your brother is dabbling in the BBQ catering business, your MOH is famous for her mac-n-cheese and you have another bridesmaid who has been dying to try her hand at Mason Jar centerpieces (gee, who could that be?), then why bother looking any further?

With the mothers of the bride and groom and all the bridesmaids eager to pitch in, we held a fabulous afternoon BBQ Bridal Luncheon at the home of Kacie’s parents. The MVP awards go to Kacie’s MOH for her killer organization skills and ability to throw down in the kitchen, and Kacie’s brother who BUILT (yes, BUILT) the most impressive grill I’ve ever seen in real life and who just started bottling and selling his own BBQ sauce. Dude knows how to cook up some chicken!

(Whitney, avert your eyes)

With everyone having a role, the day went off without a hitch…

I’ve decided that florists are overrated 😉 The mason jar centerpieces came together very nicely.

Georgetown Cupcakes baby 🙂

Kacie and her bridesmaids!

For games, we played “Wedding Themed” Family Feud while we waited for the food to come off the grill, and after dessert we broke into teams for the oldie-but-goodie toilet paper wedding dress contest. Each team had 4 minutes to create their look, and then the brides faced off in a fashion show…

I swear there’s always one bride who ends up with no skirt, or her dress just disintegrates as she walks down the runway 😉

As the Beatles put it, “All You Need is Love.” Kacie’s shower is proof of that, and how an outpouring of love and happiness for the bride can manifest itself in a truly memorable day for all.

Sneak Peak: Kacie’s Bridal Shower

First off, can we talk about what a fabulous “Shower Bride” Kacie makes? Gorgeous, right? Right. Moving on.

After a long, fantastic day celebrating our bride-to-be, I’m wiped and don’t have the energy to post about how all the planets aligned just right to create the perfect day and the perfect shower, but I couldn’t NOT quickly post the photos of the most EPIC jumping pictures of all times — complete with bow-bouquet action shots. So without further ado, I give you Bridey’s Got Ups:

And now for the outtake reel.

I love me a good outtake reel…

(Insert bathroom humor here)

More shower goodness coming your way soon!

I’m off to the couch!

Alex’s “Around the Clock” Bridal Shower

The theme of Alex’s bridal shower was “Around the Clock”, where guests are assigned an hour of the day and then purchase a gift that the bride would use during that time. For example, towels and fun bath soaps for 6am, dinner plates for 6pm and something more ‘adult’ for those assigned midnight 😉 I unfortunately don’t have a photo to show you of the invites (which I ordered from because I think they have really great prices and super cute cards) but this is what the invitation said to help explain the theme to guests:

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

You’re Invited to a Bridal Shower that’s

“Around the Clock”

Help us give Alex the “time of her life”

as she an Anthony become husband and wife.

Please bring a gift to this bridal shower

that can be used during your assigned hour.

Your Hour Is:______

The theme was carried through the entire shower. In the photo above you can see the clock centerpieces, and the heading on the menu, “Love is Timeless.” For favors, each guest found at their place setting little kitchen timers…

Not that I can take credit for it, or that anyone noticed but me haha, but I loved how the packaging on the timers said “Tick Tock Tick Tock” just like on the invites. Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

The hours that were assigned to guests were posted above the gift table so that the gifts could be opened in the “around the clock” fashion. A little make-shift sign helped remind guests to put their gift with their hour….

Oh, and maybe I should mention the venue! We decided to hold the shower at Co Co Sala in Washington, DC. A spot we chose for its reputation for great food, amazing desserts and trendy atmosphere. It lived up to its reputation….

Gotcha Kacie!

This wasn’t dessert, it was the amuse bouche! Chocolate fried dough, with a warm chocolatey center topped with salted chocolate sauce and nuts. That’s just how they do it at Co Co Sala!

All the dishes were beautifully presented and super tasty. I most unfortunately did not get a photo of the desserts because I was helping with the gifts, but let me just say that the desserts alone are worth a trip into the city. (PS: Just went looking for dessert pictures on their website and discovered you can do a 5-course dessert experience! If heaven was a restaurant…)

You know no bridal shower is complete without at least one little game for guests. To go along with our theme, and to keep the gift opening process fun, we set a timer while the bride was opening gifts. The person whose gift was being opened when the timer went off was the person who got a prize. Prize bags for guests were simple – one had wine stoppers and cocktail napkins, another little bud vases, another a pretty picture frame and the fourth had pretty stationary and pens. (PSS: If you have two guests named Anne, make sure the person who is handing out the prize bags knows which Anne you’re referring to before they hand over the prize bag. Alex, lets just say your grandmother was a little surprised to win a prize when she had given you your gift the night before! Whoopsie!)

Last thing to mention, and this has nothing to do with the theme, but since Alex is getting married in the Dominican Republic, we decided to choose a signature cocktail that had an “island” feel. We choose a drink called the “Cilantro”: Patron Silver, Fresh Cilantro, Lime Juice and Cilantro Salt. Cheers to our Bride!

So now we’ve had Jackie’s 1950’s Housewife Shower, Alex’s “Around the Clock” Shower and coming in July I’ll have details of Kacie’s shower…but of course no spilling the beans yet!

All Cylinders

No joke, this is what my Inbox looks like at the moment…

  • RE: Alex’s Shower
  • Alex’s Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Planning
  • RSVP
  • READ ME FIRST:  RSVP List for Review
  • Wedding Stuff
  • Invites
  • Shower
  • Your mom?

I thought “Your Mom” was a good spot to end 😉

Get the picture? I’m in wedding overdrive, firing on all cylinders,  simultaneously juggling emails that involve the planning of two bridal showers, and three bachelorette parties. Two of which are happening this weekend (woot woot, can’t wait Alex!!).

And while a little crazy (I’m totally having dreams about forgetting gifts and missing guests), the best part of the planning process is getting to know new people. People who I would never come know so well if not for one, undeniable connection — the bride. It’s easy to love new people when you know they love someone you love just as much as you love them. That’s alotta love in one sentence, but I hope you catch my drift.

In several months, when the showers are over, the Bachelorette party hangovers subside, and the “I Dos” have been said…I think I’ll look back fondly at the craziness that is my life right now. I’ll remember those bridal party people who I was in the planning trenches with, and be happy that the world worked in such a way that our lives twisted up together for a bit.

I can’t wait to share you details of Alex’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party that are happening this weekend. Until then though…shhhhh….the details are a secret (and I know Alex is now faithful D Spot reader!).


Jackie’s Bridal Shower: 1950s Housewife Theme

I was in the Philly area this weekend for my beautiful cousin’s 1950s inspired bridal shower. The shower was all about the details, and I must give credit to my super creative and thrift-store loving Aunt, and Jackie’s wonderful MOH for really being the brains behind the operation. Without further ado, I give you lots and lots of fun pictures!

The Bride Wore Vintage: Actual dress and shoes from 1950. Her mom had the apron made out of Jackie's first holy-communion dress!

The Bridesmaids Wore...APRONS!

Washboard Welcome

What's 1950 Without the Cheese Whiz?

Adorable Vintage Details

Housewife Manuals

A Woman Should Never Be Too Far from Her Iron

Cupcake Decorating Contest: Because a good wife knows how to bake!

How to Be A Good Housewife Quiz: Not sure this person passed...

All You Need Is...

A Parting Gift

Bottom line: A great party filled with lots of happy people wishing Jackie all the best as she gets ready for this fun and exciting next chapter! Stay tuned for the bachelorette party….