Oh the difference a year makes! I didn’t realize how outdated my About page was. I mean, since I know who I am, I rarely feel the need to stop by this page. But we’re entering year 2 of The D Spot, so I figured it was time for some freshening up!

I’ll keep this brief. Since 2010, Joey and I have gotten engaged and added another four-legged member to our little family. I started this blog when I was working a thankless job that was sucking the life out of me, and since then I’ve started a new job which I love in the Public Relations/Marketing department at a local hospital. I still find it amusing how life seems to have its own plans for us, because if you told me a year ago I’d be doing health care marketing, I would have thought you were crazy.

This blog is my personal creative outlet where I enjoy sharing stories, ideas and other random “lifey” things with my family, friends and complete strangers! Thanks for stopping by The D Spot.



I like to think I’m a little bit of a lot of things. I’m part city girl, party nature girl. Part outgoing, part shy. A little bit country, a little bit rock. But what I most strive to be at the end of the day is a good daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend.

I’ve got two brothers (which I honestly think makes me exponentially cooler than any girl without two brothers) and my parents are both remarried which opens up the wonderful world of ‘steps’. My family of 5 has quickly grown into the Brady Bunch x 2, but at the end of the day everyone is HAPPY and healthy – so I can’t ask for anything more.

Then there’s Joey. My boyfriend/common law husband. Just kidding on the second part. Joey and I have been together (for the most part) since I was 15. It sounds corny to say he’s my best friend, but there’s no one else in my life who has stuck by me through all the ups and downs that life takes you on from the age of 15 to the age of 26. So yeah, he’s my BF and my BF. I don’t believe in soul mates because I’m just not THAT corny, but I do believe in soul friends. And I think that’s a good way to describe what we are.

First comes love, then comes….DOG. Ok, well first came love, then came buying a house together, then came dog (we’re not very conventional). Moose, our yellow lab, is the light of my life. It has been such a learning experience raising a puppy, and so much fun to watch him grow. He’s the best part about coming home at the end of the day. I highly suggest if you’ve never come home to a dog, go steal your neighbors just for the experience. It’s the best! NO ONE is ever as happy to see me as Moose is. If you can’t tell, I’m a little obsessed. Lord help me when I have children one day!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. You better believe it when you say “Lord help me when I have children one day!” because when that day comes your Mommy will be over every day to love and play with the grands!!!

  2. You say “then there is Joey” like I am some pain in the butt or something jk but seriously where is all the stuff on how cool of a person I am like totally 24/7 dude

  3. Hi, Diana! I found your blog through your post on “A Practical Wedding,” and I wanted to leave a message and tell you how awesome I think you and Joey are. I loved (LOVED!) your post and have re-read it several times because it’s just so honest and encouraging–good for you for doing what felt right! Your APW post and your blog just radiate happiness and love, and it’s a real joy to read!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Mica~ Thank you so much for popping over and for your sweet comments! I’m so glad I wrote that post…I was on the fence for awhile…but after seeing all the comments/responses (and the fact that people are still finding and reading it!), I realized how important it was to share because so many people can relate 🙂 Are you wedding planning? If so, best of luck! You’re already reading APW so you’re on the right track!

      • Yep! I’m/we’re planning a “wedding victory tour” road trip around the US to kick off this summer, so reading about couples who’ve done it their way is so reassuring and inspirational!

        I wanted to ask you some questions about your planning process and such, but I couldn’t find your email!

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