Pretty, Pretty Princess

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, wonderful, funny, silly, caring mom that ever was 🙂 ! Ok, so maybe I’m biased, but I think my Mama’s pretty awesome.  This weekend to celebrate her “Sweet 60” a big group of us went to Running Hare Vineyard in Calvert county Maryland. We spent the afternoon wine tasting, eating, listening to live music and touring the property. It’s possible that I made my loving mother wear a glittery tiara with a big “60” on it all day. It’s also possible that I had to fake my own engagement in order to get us all a tour of the ‘house on the hill’ where they hold events. Took one for the team! Joey was sick, so unfortunately couldn’t come. And now I’ve caught his cooties so unfortunately I’ll be ending this post here and going to bed. Enjoy the pictures!!!

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6 thoughts on “Pretty, Pretty Princess

  1. aHHH, THE BEST B-DAY EVER. lOVE THE PICS. We had so much fun.
    Sorry you picked up the cooties. I’ll call you tomorrow.
    Love ya

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