Listy McList-erton

You all know I love me a good list, and with Memorial Day right around the corner (which, can I just say is totally crazy! Where is this year going?!), I thought it was high time to make myself a List of Things to Do This Summer. Ahhh, just writing the word “summer” makes my heart flip a little.

Kick-Booty Summer of 2011 List

  1. Play tennis semi-regularly
  2. Go snorkeling
  3. Get Rita’s water-ice/custard on a hot day
  4. Beat Joey in mini-golf
  5. Take a trip with girlfriends
  6. Go on a wine tour
  7. Read a book (bonus points if it’s by the pool or on the beach)
  8. Take the dogs into Annapolis (bonus points if we sit outside and have a meal w/ said pooches)
  9. Two words: Crabs & Beer
  10. Take an impromptu road trip
  11. Plan something awesome for Joey’s 30th Bday!!

11 things for 2011 seems like a good place to stop. There’s also a new page for my lists to live, where I’ll keep better track of it all, and link to the checked off things I’ve posted about. While it has been far more than 6 months, the 16 in 6 list still isn’t completelllly checked off (to which my mother is breathing a sigh of relief over #13), so you can find that one there too. My favorite is still the 6lb milkshake 😉

Happy weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Listy McList-erton

  1. Um…we need to take on that 6lb Shake challenge again! Must do chocolate this time. Maybe Moose and Riggo can share it with us? Or does that induce doggy puke?

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