Sneak Peak: Kacie’s Bridal Shower

First off, can we talk about what a fabulous “Shower Bride” Kacie makes? Gorgeous, right? Right. Moving on.

After a long, fantastic day celebrating our bride-to-be, I’m wiped and don’t have the energy to post about how all the planets aligned just right to create the perfect day and the perfect shower, but I couldn’t NOT quickly post the photos of the most EPIC jumping pictures of all times — complete with bow-bouquet action shots. So without further ado, I give you Bridey’s Got Ups:

And now for the outtake reel.

I love me a good outtake reel…

(Insert bathroom humor here)

More shower goodness coming your way soon!

I’m off to the couch!

One thought on “Sneak Peak: Kacie’s Bridal Shower

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