Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

Big fat apology for my lack of blogging this week — things have just been a little crazy professionally and personally. All good kinds of crazy, but crazy none the less.

So how did my Shape-Up Kick-Off week go? Very well actually! On the exercise front,  I made it to spin class twice this week (and it felt awesome), and I took the diggity dogs for a long walk last night, which adds up to 3 workouts in 5 days, and I hope to get to spin on Sunday too. Not bad.

On the food front, I’ve make a concerted effort to eat more veggies and drink more water this week. Oh, and since I have a notorious sweet tooth, I’ve fallen in love with Jell-O Mouse Temptations. Which are basically little 60 calorie cups of pure joy, and definitely satisfy my dessert craving.

And now it’s the weekend, which means Kacie’s Bridal Shower!!! Gifts have been wrapped, things have been ordered and I’ve even expecting a delivery at work today!!! I’m meeting the fabulous bride-to-be for a mani/pedi session tonight, followed by dinner and then picking up her MOH at the airport tonight. Let the fun begin! Can’t wait to share photos.



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