My Idea Of Organization!


Daily Post: How do you stay focused on a task or activity? Ironically I started writing this 20 minutes ago, but then stopped to look at Pam101 which turned into looking at a couple other web sites. Staying focused…yeah, about that. Well, when it comes to work I have a lot of deadlines, and I’m a stickler about making deadlines, so right there that helps me stay focused. If I’m not under deadline pressure but know I have to get something done, I usually try and set up some milestones in my day. Like, I won’t break for lunch until I finish x, y and z. Or, I can’t check out Freshly Pressed until I finish a & b. If I set up “rewards” throughout the day, it helps me stay focused. O, and of course there are my check lists! You know I LOVE me a good check list!