Yeah, So About That…

Lets talk about the time I got really freakin’ excited when I realized Rita’s was giving away free Italian Ice to celebrate the first official day of spring. It was about, oh, give or take 45 minutes ago. And if you know me, then you know nothing gets me moving like the prospect of free dessert.

My plan, like all poorly hatched plans, came together in about 30 seconds. I’d throw the kids in the car, run over to Rita’s and have free Italian Ice for dinner. Hello spring!

Step one, load up! Now, we rarely transport the dogs in my car because two 80 pound labs in a ford mustang with slippery leather seats isn’t exactly comfortable. Although it sure is a sight to see…

And since Rita’s isn’t far from our house, I figured I could deal with the jumping back and forth as they decide which window is the best to hang their heads out of. What I didn’t anticipate and couldn’t deal with though was the line! I had somehow convinced myself that most people were eating dinner right about now, and therefore I’d be ahead of the crowd with my brilliant plan.

Wrong. Clearly I’m a free Rita’s virgin. The line wrapped clear around the back of the building and the only parking was across the street in the 7-11 parking lot. Now if it was Free Rita’s Custard I may have considered waiting in line, but instead I made one big circle and home we went. Yeah, so about that time I tried to go on a little evening “celebrate the season” adventure. Total fail.

Pizza’s in the oven.