Mother Nature sure is delivering this week. Even though she has me back to walking the dogs at o’dark-thirty, she’s making up for it in 80 degree weather and evening light. It’s the time of year I realize that I’m so ready for the transition to spring, to break out the flip flops and to sit outside soaking in the pollen soaked fresh air. When it comes to the simple things in life, not much compares to the happiness of sleeping with the windows wide open, under warm covers with the cool breeze pouring in.

And as if one good transition deserves another, Joey just started work on a new project and with it comes overnight hours. We are the proverbial two ships passing during the week now, which can be hard to get used to. Thank goodness for my four-legged friends to keep me company. The transition is without a doubt harder on him, physically and mentally, and it reminds me about the fact that relationships take work. You need to think outside yourself, and find ways to support your partner. It can be as simple as a note left on the kitchen counter or making an extra run to the grocery store for their favorite dinner. The same holds true for friendships. I think we all get so wrapped up in our own lives sometimes that we forget to think outside of ourselves. I challenge you to pick three friends and to go send them a text message or an email right now letting them know you’re thinking about them. It will make you feel really good, I promise. And you never know who might just need a friend this very instant.

Here are my three:

Mrs. Cagg — Thanks for making my blog a part of your nightly ritual! Your compliments mean more than words. xo!

Julia — I know this makes me sound so old, but I am seriously so proud of you! You’ve always been so beautiful inside and out, and now you’re taking the world by storm!

Jackie — Happy National Registered Dietitan’s Day! I miss you, and hope we can see each other soon.