Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Today was one of those days. You know, the ones where nothing particularly bad has happened but you’re just not feeling it. I wasn’t really feeling today which explains why, as I juggled a few too many grocery bags determined to do it all in one trip, I dropped an unopened gallon of milk on the floor and it split open like the grand-freakin’-canyon. Things like that only happen on days like today.

But I didn’t cry, because we all know crying over spilt milk is a huge no no. I just thanked myself for being cheap and not buying the organic milk tonight, grabbed a roll of paper towels and went to work. Riggo started going crazy and Moose started whining, clearly in need of a walk and totally confused why I was on their level and not willing to play. Then Joey surfaced in a total terd mood on his way to work (understandable because if I left for work at 6pm and got home at 7am, I’d be in a total terd mood too), and I had officially had enough of today.

But then… I saw it.

There may or may not have been some angels singing in the background, but there on the kitchen table was A PACKAGE. And I knew immediately what it was. A package from our awesome wedding photographers with our photo CDs and a little something extra.

Pouring over our prints instantly lifted my spirits. It’s not that I haven’t already seen these photos a couple million times now, but remembering that Joey isn’t always in a terd mood looking at all the happy faces of our family, friends and of course each other just helped remind me that regardless of blah days…Life. Is. Good.

If spilt milk, whining dogs and a moody hubby are my big problems in life, then I guess I’m really doing more than ok.

(Thanks Mama for the frame!)

(Photo behind Mr. & Mrs. frame is from just after Joey proposed. Happy Happy.)