The “Dos” of Throwing a D.C. Bachelorette Party

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath (cough cough Kacie cough cough) because you haven’t been able to get a sneak peak of the photos of Facebook (cough cough Kacie get facebook cough cough), well here we go with a recap of Alex’s D.C. bachelorette party and a list of “Dos” for anyone who’s thinking about planning a bachey-party in the district.

DO get a hotel room for the night. Getting ready with the party-goers is half the fun, plus it gives you a private space to shower the bride with racy gifts! We stayed at the amazing Mayflower Hotel, which meant tons of bars and restaurants within walking distance.

Matching t-shirts are fun, but in DC you have to up the swagger factor. DO create a “little black dress brigade” for the bride, with the bride wearing something bright so she stands out (ya know, in case the veil doesn’t tip people off…)

DO pick a spot for dinner that can easily accommodate your group, and makes splitting the check EASY (there’s no bigger buzz kill than tension over the bill). Many places in DC will do a fixed price menu for large groups, but we opted to go with Vapiano off Dupont circle. Vapiano is a European concept restaurant that serves fresh, hand-made Italian pasta, pizza and salads.  Each person uses a “chip card” to personally order their food and drinks, and then you pay for yourself on the way out! People took turns buying the bride her dinner and drinks. Oh, and they had happy hour drink prices until 10pm – Score! It was a great, casual, fun, and hip place to kick off the night.

DO get (or make) the bride a stack of “dare” cards to do herself and hand out to guests. Makes for fun pictures!

DO break out the glowstick necklaces to up the obnoxious factor of your bridal brigade!

DO encourage the bride to jump on statues for a photo op! This particular statue was outside Beacon Sky Bar. The bar had a great rooftop view of the city, but drinks are mucho expensive. Have a cocktail or two, and keep the party moving!

DO take the bride dancing when the bride says “I want to go dancing!” We decided on 18th Street Lounge (note: you’ll have to check your glowsticks at the door if you go here.)

(Alex and her Man of Honor, the proverbial Rooster in the Hen House!)

DO plan on taking the bride to brunch the next day. And there’s no better place to go than the Tabard Inn. The freshly made doughnuts with homemade whipped cream DO NOT disappoint!

Finally, DO give credit where credit is due! Alex’s other MOH was the brains behind the bachelorette party agenda, and the reason we scored a great rate at the Mayflower hotel. Colin, you’re awesome!!!

Coming later this summer: Kacie’s Virginia Beach Bachey party, and Jackie’s Atlantic City extravaganza!

Mother’s Day Luncheon

First, apologies for the lack of blogging lately! I have so many thoughts running through my head, but haven’t found the time to push the keys and get it all out. I O U.

Lets talk about this upcoming weekend though – psssttt…it’s Mother’s Day! I’m so excited that I’ll be having my mom and my FMIL over for a little Mom’s Day celebration. And in the spirit of trying harder not to suck at being an adult, I’ve decided I want to throw a proper little luncheon. Enter some inspiration from The Finer Things:

I really  love the yellow and green color palate, not to mention the idea of Limoncello Cream Cupcakes! (You can find the recipe here) I have some shopping to do, and a whollllllle lotta cleaning! But I think we can all agree that if there is ever a person who is deserving of ‘the extra mile’ it’s Mom.

Stay tuned for how thing whole shindig turns out 🙂

Fa La La La La

Not to discount the ever important holiday of Halloween, but I am really excited about the REAL holiday season this year. I’m honestly ALREADY ready for 97.1 to switch over to 24/7 Christmas music. It couldn’t happen soon enough to be honest.

I was also thinking about throwing a little holiday shindig this year, but I think I’ve already talked myself out of it because everyone’s schedules are just so packed. Instead, I might try and convince some of my family to come over for a Christmas morning brunch (Mom, thoughts?).  I need to start looking for centerpiece inspiration!

My big challenge this holiday season will be convincing Joey to opt for a real tree! He thinks they’re too much work, are messy and that they bring bugs into the house. Lame. He also thinks Moose might try and eat it. Now there, he may actually have a point.