We’re Classy


Nutcracker date night with Pam101 was a huge success! The ballet was beautiful, ¬†although I admit that the Washington Ballet’s “DC-a-fied” version left me yearning a little bit for the original. Best part of the night may have been when we were wrapping up with dinner though. As Pam put on her o-so-fantastic long leather gloves she says, “Ready to go rob a bank?…or inseminate a cow?” I die.

Big Apple Adventure

The Big Apple Adventure with Pam101 was a huge success. We calculated that from start to finish, we were one hour shy of being up for an entire 24 hours – 4 a.m. Saturday wake up call to catch the 5:30 a.m. train, and we were back in DC with our heads hitting our pillows at about 3 a.m. Sunday. (I don’t get full credit for staying up all that time since I passed out like a drunk college kid on the train home, thanks for not drawing on my face with a sharpie Pam!)

Highlights include:

  • Being giddy little school girls on the morning train ride
  • Tree at Rockefeller & Light Show at night
  • Teuscher Champagne Truffles
  • Mesa Grill Brunch complete with Spicy Bloody Marys and incredible Jalapeno biscuits
  • Shopping on 5th Avenue & in the Flatiron District – although no leopard print scarf was to be found
  • Eataly – pistachio gelato was heaven!
  • Looking into houses as we walked around the West Village & visiting Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone
  • Pastis for dinner – we did a lot of eating!
  • Getting to introduce Pam101 and NYCathy!!!

The store windows were amazing too, and we all wondered about the lucky, super-creative people who are tasked with designing and executing the designs each year. Pam and I tried to take model, jumping shots outside of a Bergdorf Goodman window to minor success – and by minor I mean we just looked like big, dorky tourists but it cracked us up so that’s all that mattered.

Final thing to share would be the uppity, fur clad woman at Tiffany’s who blatantly shut an elevator door in the face of a couple with their two small children – “Well they just got off, and they shouldn’t be using this back elevator anyways,” she said to the rest of us who just stood there wide-eyed. She seemed like a true New Yorker to me!

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