Whole30: One Week Down, Three to Go


High-five to week one of our Whole30 being complete (if you’re not sure what the Whole30 is, read more here)! And I can happily report that we haven’t touched any grains, dairy, processed sugar or alcohol — so far, so good! Since we’re already generally healthy people, I will say that it wasn’t as hard as some of the things I read claimed it would be. Honestly, the only thing I’ve been craving is Pop Tarts, which is especially weird given I very rarely eat a Pop Tart, so that was just my sugar habit talking. Other than that, I don’t feel deprived at all. I do think Joey is missing his pasta and rice though!

I’ve learned that the key is to be prepared! As in, stock the kitchen with tons of healthy options, hit up the blogosphere for Whole30 approved recipes and know that you will be spending a lot more time cleaning pots and pans. I put up this little chalkboard menu in our kitchen on Monday to help plan our dinners for the week, and it was a huge hit.  It keeps us both on the same page with what the expect and helped us plan for a variety of meals/flavors so things don’t get boring.

It also helps that Joey and I are doing this together. And we’re both so competitive that we would LOVE to see the other person be the first to break the Whole30 and drink a beer, or eat a noodle :). I just realized that sounds like we have no interest in the other person succeeding, which isn’t entirely true. However, we have been known to make the Dentist determine whose cavity is worse than the others in order to win some hygiene-bragging-rights. (Mine was wider, his was deeper, Dentist said that meant it was a tie. I think it means I win.)

So how am I feeling? I would say after 7 days I don’t feel like I can jump tall buildings in a single bound or anything, but I also haven’t gotten any, what I’ve long suspected are dairy related, stomach aches. I do feel a sense of confidence though that we’ll be able to make it through the 30 days. Stay tuned!


It Starts With Food: Part I


“The food you eat either makes your more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”

That’s the theory behind It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. And I admit, since I started reading this book a few weeks ago I’m totally drinking the Kool-aid. Figuratively speaking that is, because literally the nasty chemical powder that is Kool-aid is definitely not one of those things that makes you more healthy.

I should also disclose that this book is very science-y and a thousand times less sexy than 50 Shades of Grey. Sorry ladies. That being said, this stuff is also important seeing as we only get one body and one chance to make the most of it.

Ok, so what is “It Starts With Food” all about?

I’ve been struggling with this post because the book is about so much, but at its core it’s about encouraging you to eat real food — fresh, natural food like meat, vegetable and fruit. It’s about learning how to choose foods that are nutrient-dense with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals rather than foods that have more calories, less nutrition, and tons of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Why eat like this? As I mentioned, the book is very science-y and if you want to learn about brain signals, insulin, leptin, glucagon, cortisol and your gut barrier, you’ll have to read, but to sum it up, I’ll pull directly from the authors’ website:

 Eating this way is ideal for maintaining a healthy metabolism and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s good for body composition, energy levels, sleep quality, mental attitude and quality of life. It helps eliminate sugar cravings and reestablishes a healthy relationship with food. It also works to minimize your risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and autoimmune.

Interested in more? Hang tight for Part II soon on the “good food standards”, and Part III on what they call the Whole 30. Like I said, I’m drinking the Kool-aid people!