Thankful Wrap

peppermint-milkshake01It’s November 30 — yowza!! Another month come and gone, but how I do love December. So, two more “thankfuls” gets us to 30.

I’m thankful for seasonal flavors. My previous favorite being the peppermint mocha at Starbucks was replaced last year when I discovered the peppermint milkshake at Chik-fil-a! Yes, the temperatures may have been in the 30s but that didn’t stop me from back-to-back-(to-back) drive thru runs last year. I’ve been craving one all week, so might need to make it my “Congratulations You Made It Through Another Week” treat tonight ūüôā

To balance the¬†frivolousness of that, I’m thankful for my life. Yeah, that’s a big one, but it’s easy to forget how truly blessed we are sometimes. My life consists of a wonderful husband, two crazy fur-children, amazing family members who love and care for us, a great job, a lovely home and a seriously awesome network of caring, supportive and unique friends. What’s not to be thankful for?

Happy Friday all!




Riding Solo


I remember being 16, something at home was driving me crazy and I felt like I just had to get out of there. So I did what any hormonal teen would do, grabbed my car keys, hopped in my car and just drove. I ended up driving to Kmart and buying the new Britney Spears tape (yes tape). And then I went home. Such a freakin rebel, I know. It’s amazing I’m still alive.

I still get that feeling a lot. To just jump in my car and drive without really knowing where I’m going. Make it up as I go along. Todays little adventure took me to Marshalls and then McDonald’s for a chocolate milkshake. I should have warned you my rebellious ways carried over into adulthood.
But these silly little outing are therapeutic. Sometimes it feels good just to be riding solo, driving in the car, radio up, nothing but your thoughts and the open road — even if that road is only taking you to McDonald’s. It helps me remember to take time to treat myself, literally and figuratively. And now that I’ve had some me time, it’s time to rejoin the world for a superbowl party. Go Madonna!

You Scream, I Scream

Remember way back in April of 2010 when I made my 16 in 6 list Рthings I wanted to do in the next 6 months. Well, I know it has been more than 6 months, but today I was able to cross out # 14: Get the giant milkshake at Chick and Ruth’s. Better late than never!

It’s called the Colossal Shake from Chick and Ruth’s Delly in downtown Annapolis.¬†And when I say GIANT milkshake, I mean 6 pounds…yes pounds…of ice cream in a trophy sized glass. Exhibit A:

My partner in crime for this important mission was none other than the always-up-for-an-adventure Pam101. Exhibit B:

Notice how we actually had to stand up in order to reach the straws! This baby was huge. We went with a classic vanilla shake, and didn’t really think we’d finish it – our goal was to finish half. I say we finished more than half, 4 pounds would be my estimate. But there comes a point in everyone’s life when they just have to bow down to a giant 6lb milkshake and say, “Ok shake, you win.” Exhibit C:

Well, maybe not in EVERYONE’S life, but you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, since Pam101 is the resident photog, check out her blog for more pictures of our milkshake adventure (and our¬†entire¬†Annapolis Adventure)¬†and learn how we set the trend at Chick and Ruth’s today.

Now please pass me a tums.