The Little Blog that Could

Happy Birthday to my little blog who turns ONE today! Hard to believe I’ve been able to keep this thing up for a year — whoddathought. Check out my very first post, a figurative plunge into the blogging waters with no clear idea of where it would take me and no clear direction of where I would take it.

The Very First Picture Posted to The D Spot -- Go figure, a jumping picture!

This blog was created to be my “happy place” where I could go to reflect on the good, the exciting, the happy. And one year later I feel it’s still that. A random collection of things that make me happy, make me think, make me feel empowered, make me remember it’s the little things in life that really matter. In turn, I hope these little posts I toss out there into the universe make you smile or laugh, or at the very least offer you a worthwhile way of procrastinating 😉

If I could look into my crystal ball, I would say the next 365 days will be filled with a lot of the same randomness (aka spa shennanigans, gratuitous posts about my four legged children, stories about friends and family, travels and fun outings etc…), but we’ll also introduce a healthy smattering of wedding talk, thanks to all the upcoming nuptials including my own in the future, and more “life milestone” conversations. Anything else you want to read more of, just let me know!

A big thank you, thank you, thank YOU for stopping by from time to time to see what’s been going on here. I especially love your funny and fresh comments, so keep ’em coming! Its been a fun year, but the best is ALWAYS yet to come.