The Only Thing Constant is Change

I’m making the preggo-friend rounds lately, and had a little city date with Sara last night. The last time we got together she spilled the beans to me that she was pregnant, so it was extra fun to see her cute little growing baby bump and gush all about her nursery design ideas. I met this girl on the second day of my first full time post-college job. By day three we were attached at the hip — literally because my desk was right next to hers. I realized that we’ve been doing brunch/lunch/dinner/coffee dates for about 6 years now, and over that time our conversations have run the gamut — ¬†from what bar we’ll be at Friday night, to who’s dating who, new apartments, to buying homes, buying puppies, getting engaged, getting married, career moves, finances and now babies and family.

The conversations change, we’ve seen our priorities in life evolve, but at the end of the night we’re still two girls, sipping wine water and dreaming about our futures. So while they say the only thing constant is change, I’d argue that another thing that’s constant is friendship. And like anything in life that’s worth it, friendships require a little bit of work. You have to make time on a Monday night after work to drive into the city to meet for dinner, and let friends easily twist your arm into fawning over itty bitty girly clothes at Baby Gap even though you probably should be heading home. It’s a little bit of effort, a little bit of sacrifice, but a lotta bit of worth it.

PS: How adorable is Sara’s baby shower invite?!