One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

My array of birthday cards makes me laugh. Oh Twilight, you will never not make me feel like a total nerd. And by total nerd I mean completely awesome.

I also got the most amazing birthday package in the mail from the same culprit who sent me the Twi-Card. Click here if you don’t already know exactly who I’m talking about. It’s the tote bag made from a recycled sailboat sail that I blogged about being obsessed with A YEAR AGO, and I totally freaked out at its awesomeness. Not to mention it will be the perfect accessory for this weekend’s trip to North Carolina!

Feeling like the spoiled Birthday Brat that I get to be this week!

In a Row

As of yesterday, I am now officially 3/3 on my bridesmaid dress purchases for the upcoming wedding season. But if you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, then you know it doesn’t stop there. I also need to plan what I’m wearing for the bridal showers, bachelorette weekends and rehearsal dinners. Not to mention the other 3 weddings we’ve been invited to between June and October.

So it’s time to get all my ducks dresses in a row.

In an attempt to not break the bank, I’m trying to figure out how I can ‘update’ some of the dresses I already own/have worn to other events and buy new dresses that can work double (or triple?) duty over the next few months. The obvious way of doing this is with statement jewelry — as in, “Yeah, I’ve worn this navy blue dress 3 times, but you’re totally not noticing because of my awesome necklace you can’t take your eyes off of.”

And speaking of navy blue – I love me a good navy blue/yellow combination, so I’ve been looking at some great necklaces on Etsy to pair with a navy blue dress for Alex’s upcoming shower. Feel free to vote on your favorite!

I think I’m leaning toward the yellow turquoise chocker with the citrine nugget from Willowette. It reminds me of a turquoise necklace I bought in New Mexico when Joey and I were on our road trip – and anything that reminds me of that trip still has a way of tugging at my heartstrings.

Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Sail

While popping in and out of stores on Main Street in Annapolis on Saturday, I came across the most fabulous line of tote bags made out of…wait for it… recycled sailboat sails! It doesn’t get much more Maryland than that! It’s from a retailer called Re-Sails, and they don’t just stop at tote bags – they sell vests, shorts, pillows, belts, hats, even dog collars…and more.

They apparently have an entire store in Annapolis at 42 Randall Street, but there’s a store on Main Street that carries their line of bags. I don’t remember the name because, ya know, the whole popping in and out not paying attention thing.

I’m tote-ally (see what I did there with the play on words? Clever, eh?) in love with the rope handled tote bag above with the number 5.  These puppies aren’t cheap though, so if you were wondering what to get me for my birthday, which just happens to be April 11, don’t say I didn’t give you any ideas.

PS – Someone email this post to Joey – we all know he doesn’t read this blog!