Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, but since hospitals tend to frown on fur-people in the workplace (except of course if they are service or therapy dogs, and lets be honest, we’re talking about Moose and Riggo here), I decided to take the day off from work and spend it with my four-legged children. Can you tell how appreciative they are?

In all honesty, I’m off today because I’m headed to Georgia for a wedding this weekend. Originally we had planned to drive and make a little road trip out of it, but then I came to my senses and bought a plane ticket. Joey’s staying home to hold down the fort, and I’m traveling with my brothers for the first time since, most likely, some Disney vacation from 1997. I’m sure we’ll all get along better this time 😉

Speaking of brothers, poor Moose can’t ever catch a break. The second he lays down for a nap, his little brother comes pouncing from around the corner. I must say though, it is pretty entertaining.

 Happy Friday! Anyone take their dog to work today?

The Big Fat North Carolina Post

It may be in part because every time I go to North Carolina it’s for vacation, but I truly believe that state has a certain calming quality about it. There’s something about life by the ocean that helps put everything in perspective. Waking up to a light filled room, stepping out onto a private balcony and watching blue herons land in the marsh — a girl could get used to that.

Despite the drama of Moose deciding to go skinny dipping when it was pitch black out (anyone know ways to help with doggie anxiety???), we filled our Cup’O’Life to the freakin’ brim this weekend by way of cocktail cruises and beaching boats on private islands…

Picnic lunches on the beach, dipping toes into warm ocean water and endless games of fetch with four big labs…

And what better way to balance the Beach than with the Barn, so we took a visit to the stables where our friend’s keep their horse. I should have taken a look at their job board while I was there…

We said goodbye with happy hearts and left relaxed, content and with farmer’s tans sun-kissed.

Riggo and Moose on the other hand left comatose…

24+ hours later and they’re still nursing their fun-hangover. Girl could get used to that too 🙂

Two Can Play at That Game

They don’t call them labrador retrievers for nothin’. These two knuckle heads love to play fetch more than the Duggars’ love to have babies (ok, sorry, first metaphor that came to my head. For the record, the Duggars freak me out, I refuse to watch that show and I think it’s completely unnatural to breed your own basketball team complete with bench warmers. Moving on.). I grew up with a Jack Russell Terrior whose idea of fetching was chasing a treat across the room, so I think it’s pretty great to have dogs that get all crazy when you say, “Wanna play fetch???”

Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking this is hilarious…

That’s right, one item to fetch and they’ll share the responsibility. It’s a rare, but proud, occasion when either one of them comes out the sole victor…

The best part about dogs that play fetch, and I think the owner of any high energy breed would agree, it’s a great way to ensure you have tired pups for the rest of the night.

Happy Friday Everyone!

*PS: If you’re wondering why their leashes are on it’s because it’s the time of year when the ticks start coming back at our favorite spot to play fetch, so now we use the yard outside our house which is closer to the road, so the leashes make it easier to grab the dogs when cars turn down the street. Safety first people!

*PSS: Sorry the action pictures are all a little blurry, my shutter speed was clearly too low and I wasn’t reviewing as I was shooting. Negative points for me.