Kacie’s “Sugar & Spice” Baby Shower

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice, that’s what Kacie’s Baby Shower was made of.

We had such a fun time running with this theme for her shower, using a pink and brown color scheme for the decor. From pink and brown tissue paper pom poms, to pink polka-dot balloons, to pink hydrangeas in mason jars wrapped with brown ribbon…

When it comes to baby girls, there’s never too much pink.

My personal favorites though were the “Baby Girl Reading Sugar & Spice Mix” favors, complete with pink gingham cloth tied with brown ribbon. These were custom made by Custom Love Gifts on Etsy.

Oh, and my co-host, Laci, flew from Raleigh to Baltimore with her handmade diaper cake in her carry on. That’s friendship dedication folks! (Not available on Etsy, though it arguably should be ;))

Lets talk games! Laci and I decided to stick with two games, one being the “Don’t Say Baby” game that is played throughout the shower. I stole this idea from Sara’s Nautical Baby Shower, and it was as funny as ever watching guests get more and more competitive as the afternoon went on, just waiting for someone to trip up and utter that little four-letter word.

For the second game, it was “Guess That Baby Food.” Guests broke up into teams, and had to taste/sniff test 5 jars of baby food. Guesses were written down, and points were awarded for each correct ingredient a team guessed (i.e. two points if they only said Apple/Pear for Apple/Pear/Banana).

We laughed, we cried gagged, we all vowed to never feed our babies that crap. The winning team got to steal two pins each from any other guest at the party. And sticking with the Sugar & Spice theme, the 3 guests who had the most pins at the end of the day took home a box of Coconut Macaroon Cookie mix tied with ribbon and a wooden spoon. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture 😦

Oh, and PS: I love the photo above because Kacie (right corner) clearly heard someone say “Baby” from across the room. Get it girl!

When all was said and done, we had a perfectly lovely afternoon celebrating this beautiful Mama-to-Be and the upcoming arrival of her sweet little princess. We can’t wait to meet you little girl!

Scenes from a Saturday: Starbucks, Sonograms & Singing

Despite the rainy weather, Saturday was perfectly happy and sunny. Mama-to-be Kacie and I went to Reston Virginia because everyone’s favorite North Carolinian, Laci, was in town with a talented school acapella group she choreographed for SingStrong (PS: They killed it, and brought home first place!). You may remember Laci from past productions such as Kacie’s Bridal Shower, Kacie’s Bachelorette Party and Kacie’s Wedding. Need a visual reminder?

Oh man, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that picture.

Today looked a little more like this…

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Who Runs the World (Girls)

Feel free to put a little Beyonce on while I spill the latest baby beans on Sara (due in July) and Kacie (due in August). They’re both having BABY GIRLS!!! Cue the pink confetti!!!

Do you know what this means? It means if I have a little boy one day, that gives me double the chances of having him marry mini-Sara or mini-Kacie and inheriting one of these awesome ladies as family 🙂 And if I have a little girl one day, she’s already promised to Baby Connor, so my future child is all set. That’s right buddy, I’m talking to you…

Oh, wait, this isn’t about me? OK, I digress.

With two precious baby girls on the horizon, I couldn’t help but do a little Etsy surfing for the little princesses. Here are my top 5 must haves, of course ignoring all practical items you need when having a baby and totally going for the awwwwww factor.

This hat is just ridiculous, but why not, right?? Buy it here. 

Holy tiny sweet little shoesys! Buy them here.

Cool girls have a sense of humor. Buy this onesie here.

Dads avert your eyes. Tutus are inevitable. Buy this dress here.

I can’t get enough of frilly little headbands, just keep it tasteful Mamas. The flower should be larger than a quarter but smaller than their entire head (crochet hats are an exception to the rule). Buy this sweet one here.

Baby Showers are on the horizon. More to come (as long as these ladies keep giving me permission to post their personal life for you to read about!)