Thankful Catch Up

Catching up from last week! I’m thankful for…

1. Ability to try new things: I took a photography class this past weekend and loved the opportunity to learn some tips from a pro. Looking forward to more opportunities to try new things and take better pictures.

2. A clean(ish) house: With some VIP guests on their way this weekend, it’s the kick in the butt I need to tackle those cleaning projects that always get put on the back burner for the more fun things in life 😉 Hauling 4 huge trash bags to the curb last night was therapeutic.

3. My doggies: They’re so forgiving after long days home alone, and always give me the best greetings.

4. My Mama: She’s the best (probably should have put her before the doggies, huh?). I’m so grateful for her. Looking forward to some quality girls time over Thanksgiving.

5. Vacation: Taking off the entire week of Thanksgiving and heading to the beach! Seriously can. not. wait.

6. Laughter: I watched Funniest Home Videos last night. Totally true what they say about it being the best medicine! Oh, and people falling down just never gets old.

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