Lets Be Thankful

Hi, it’s me. Diana. Worst blogger evaaaa. It’s a new month though which feels like a good time to try to reinvigorate myself around getting you some regular posts!

I’m taking a page out of Pam101’s book and deciding to fill November with posts about being thankful. I’m already a day behind, so here are two things I’m thankful for:

1. 28 Years With My Grandfather — My grandfather passed away on 10/21 at the age of 88. He lived a long, healthy, full life and was married to the love of his life for 65 years. I’m so thankful to have known him. He will always be a role model of patience, kindness and love to me.

2. Knowledge — This probably sounds weird, a totally nerdy, but lately I’ve been craving knowledge. I want to learn and understand so much more about so many things – healthcare marketing, photography, nutrition, business management, fitness…and the list goes on. It almost feels overwhelming. I’ve never had a strong, lasting desire to go back to school, and I don’t think I’m feeling that now either, but I’m thankful for the ability to learn on my own through classes, career development opportunities and reading. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Here’s hoping you’ll join me in being thankful this month!

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