Endorsed: This Sh** It’s Yonanas…

Get ready to have your mind blown.

This crazy little appliance called Yonanas makes what looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream using frozen fruit, and nothing but frozen fruit! Hello healthy!

As a total ice cream nut, I was a little skeptical but willing to shell out $50 if it meant getting to have dessert during our Whole30 challenge. I tested out the classic strawberry banana combo, pressing nothing but frozen bananas and frozen strawberries through the Yonanas chute, and holy moly my mind = blown.

Ok, I’m so not a food photographer, but this really did have the consistency of soft serve ice cream, and the banana totally fools you into thinking it’s made with cream and sugar. Plus, there are an endless number of recipes you can try from mint chocolate chip to pumpkin pie to key lime. I made classic banana the other night, topped with some cashew butter and it was pretty sinful…yet not.

You can watch a video and learn more about how Yonanas works by clicking HERE. This game changer is totally endorsed! They should pay me from all of the word of mouth publicity I’ve been giving this sucker 🙂

3 thoughts on “Endorsed: This Sh** It’s Yonanas…

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