Simple Things

Some of the simple things I’m loving on from this weekend…


I know, I know…I did say I was going to soak up these last weeks of summer, but these awesome fall worthy moccasins literally jumped off the shelf and onto my feet. I think they whispered something in my ear about pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. I couldn’t not make them mine.


These girls. My best childhood buds. And now Laura (center) is about to get married! So when her sister emailed Emmy and I to come up to Philly and surprise her on the night of her bachelorette party, we didn’t even bat an eyelash before enthusiastically saying YES. Although our visits can be far and few between, I know these girls will be in my life forever. If for no other reason than we all have highly incriminating VHS tapes of one another from every awkward phase we ever went through 😉


There’s a new produce stand around the corner from our house. I think they charge me $5 regardless of what I get.

Small watermelon, zucchini, cantelope, pepper — $5. 

Medium watermelon, two large zucchinis, two red peppers — $5. 

The produce is huge, fresh from the farm and at an unbeatable price. I’m obsessed with this stand, and it’s open until November. Best. Discovery. Ever.

So what are the simple things lighting up your life lately?

4 thoughts on “Simple Things

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