Where to Start? Also Known as the ADD Post

I have three drafts pending in my new post queue, they include few complete sentences, random idea nuggets and a photo. My mind is sort of everywhere lately and while I want to craft my ideas into great posts, it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

The main themes of my self-inflicted ADD revolve around friends & family, health and money. Here’s your D-spot download.

  1. Hilary is BACK! As in back in the USA after two years in Africa for the peace corps. There are lots of emails flying between my sistas-from-other-mistas as we scheme on a girls reunion weekend. Looks like it’s going to be in September. And it’s going to be awesome.
  2. The hubster and I are heading to the beach this weekend, woot woot! Originally we were going next weekend, but my on-call week got swapped and so we’re packing up the four-legged children and getting out of dodge effective tomorrow afternoon. I’ll get some pictures up next week, Instagram in the meantime @DianaTroese.
  3. Maybe it’s because I work in a hospital and I’ve become way more aware of disease and ‘wellness’, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and making more of my own life decisions, but the idea of living as healthfully as possible has been on my mind lately. I’m reading a new book that I’m looking forward to telling you about that discusses the role food plays in our overall health. I also have some ideas about making our home a little more environmentally healthy too. Posts to come.
  4. I have visions of money, budget, saving, spending, retirement funds and life insurance dancing through my head. Hubs and I had a very Adults-Talking-About-Finances moment this week, where we started to set some goals for ourselves in terms of investing, saving and spending. I’m thinking of creative ways to save, and I look forward to having a conversation with you about that soon!

So what’s new with you? Anyone have a baby yet? (Sara, Kacie, I’m looking at you!)

3 thoughts on “Where to Start? Also Known as the ADD Post

  1. Another word for self inflicted ADD is….. “OVERLOAD”. Glad you heading to the beach for some R & R. Love ya,

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