Fun with Sparklers

I see these sparkler pictures popping up everywhere…well, ok, maybe not EVERYWHERE but I do see them on Pinterest a lot…so when I saw a cheapo box of sparklers near the checkout at CVS, I figured they would make for some good ‘ol 4th of July photo fun.

Sparkler ‘art’ is so easy, all you need is a camera where you can manipulate the shutter speed. I set my shutter speed to 4 seconds for these, and that seemed to be fine. It works best with a tri-pod, which I don’t have, but you can see the difference between a person holding the camera (photos above), and the camera resting on a non-shaky surface (aka a tripod in a perfect world, a front step in our world) like these two below. I also used the self timer for these so we could both jump in.

Notice the difference in focus on the trees, grass and fence?

Oh, and if you want to write a word (Joey was attempting to sign his name below), you need to write the mirror image of the letters so the camera captures it correctly.

Whoops! Backwards cursive is too hard anyway.

Hope you had a great 4th! Anyone else totally thrown off by the Wednesday celebration? I thought it was Monday all day at work today.

One thought on “Fun with Sparklers

  1. You and Joe Joe always come up with clever things to do. Glad you are enjoying using your spiffy camera. Put Tripod on that Amazon wish list 🙂

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