Guest Post # 6: Christine on Walking the Tight Rope

After reading this next post from Christine, you’ll realize why I am so humbled she took some non-existent time out of her day to write up something so honest to share with us all. I think it’s such a great note to end on too, and really drives home the point of this whole guest-posting experiment — while we all are experiencing different things in our life right now, and simply experiencing life differently period, there are so many things we can learn from each other and so many things we can help each other remember to keep it all in perspective. 

I’m honored to contribute to the D-spot, but was admittedly bewildered by my assignment: “Write about how you balance it all.”

Balance it All…

I am a little dizzy when I look back at this past year. It was a BIG one.

I married my best friend in April of 2011. Welcomed a little man into our lives in October. Moved offices and adjusted to a longer commute upon my return to work in November. Traded in our Pittsburgh city apartment for a house in December. Bought a Pizzeria in March. And came full circle with celebrating our first year wedding anniversary this past April. In between my own life happenings, I celebrated the weddings of three of my dearest and oldest friends, including Diana herself!

When our lives are full of blessings and challenges, they are lacking in time– and sleep 🙂 This year, I have found myself wondering, what the heck did I do with my time before the past year?!

I look back at my life in DC. I was in my mid twenties, balancing two jobs, non-profit work, a full social calendar, and squeezing every activity out of life that I could…one more yoga class…city walk…gallery exhibit…show…happy hour. I never thought there was enough TIME to do everything that I deemed enriching and balancing. I was in a city of overachievers, and I hate to admit that I fit the mold a little, Type A personality to boot.

Now my concept of “having enough time” is that “we all survived today.” The Baby is alive and happy. CHECK. I managed to cook myself dinner without burning the house down, while feeding the baby and the cats, doing a load of dishes, and laundry, and packing the daycare bag. CHECK. I made it home through an hour of obnoxious traffic and listened to the nightly business report without falling asleep at the wheel. CHECK. I was able to talk to my husband for a good uninterrupted 5 minutes about marketing strategies for the Pizzeria so I know what to do with the website tomorrow. CHECK. The day is a success!

Most days I feel like I am doing more of a “balancing act” than being “balanced”. I feel like that gumby-stretchy woman dancing across a tightrope at the circus while juggling a variety of unidentifiable flammable objects. Though, I am admittedly FAR less coordinated.

If I am proud of anything, it is that I have learned to be kinder to myself this year. No, I didn’t stay at the office until 8pm to finish that contract. It will get done tomorrow. It’s OK. Yes, we are sending Connor to school with red pants with blue socks today, because we are behind on the laundry AGAIN. But he is also wearing a smile. So the socks are trivial. It’s OK. And yes, by the end of the week our house looks more like the aftermath of Katrina than the cover page of Better Homes and Gardens. But all sharp, toxic, and electric items are out of Connor’s reach. Baby proofing accomplished! It’s OK.

As our family, business, and responsibilities grow, the balancing act is only going to become that much more ridiculous. Next, the lady on the tight rope will add a duck to the top of her head and start singing opera. But I think we will be OK. As long as we can keep laughing, making time for the ones we love, and and letting ourselves off the hook for not being perfect. We will be more than OK.

I couldn’t have wrapped it up better myself! Seriously, Christine, you left nothing for me to say except thank you for writing such a thoughtful post. I already think you’re doing more than Ok! 

*Photo credits – Wedding Photo by Solaris Photography, Pizza Shop Photo by Mayabee Design and Photography

*Check out Aaron & Christine’s Pizzeria here: Like them on Facebook & Follow them on Twitter

4 thoughts on “Guest Post # 6: Christine on Walking the Tight Rope

  1. Christine, thank you for the motivation! Diana is right… I think you’re doing more than OK. You’re amazing! 🙂

  2. What touched me the most about your post is when you talked about Connor’s outfit and said, “But he was wearing a SMILE”. Christine, that says a lot about how well you are balancing your life. Yep, a SMILE says it all. Also, I checked out your FlipnPie website and that Wednesday Family Sampler sounds like a winner. And, the pictures of the Baby watching Aaron making the pizza are priceless. I would say “Award Winning” Much success to you and your family with your new business.

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