Guest Post #3: Dear My Younger Self

This week continues with a post from my mom. Among all the things that make her wonderful, one of them is that she’s a very good writer, so I was excited she wanted to play along this week. Her intro is self explanatory.

My beautiful daughter, Diana, told me she thought it would be cool if I wrote a letter to my 30-year-old self…like advice to myself back then given what you know now. Whew, that was a big order because I started to get confused about me then, me now, and who was to advise who.  So after some thought, I, as my daughter always says, “figured it out” and here is my letter from Loretta61 to Loretta30:

Dear Loretta30:

After traveling around the block a few times, I think I have, somewhat, figured out how to connect the dots of life to draw my picture.   However, it’s important you feel free to connect your own dots to draw your own picture.

  • Dot 1.  Brevity is refreshing – basically get to the point and don’t drag things out.
  • Dot 2.  Be a good listener, which takes some practice.
  • Dot 3.  Work hard and surround yourself with loving family and good friends.
  • Dot 4.  Don’t be afraid to move out of circles that don’t feel right.
  • Dot 5.  When you have your children, just enjoy them, because all you have to do is BLINK, and they are all grown up. You can buy them all the educational toys in the world, and provide fancy vacations, but what they will remember is the time you spent with them, making their lunches, taking them to the park, kissing them goodnight, and telling them they are LOVED.
  • Dot 6.  Marry someone who makes you laugh and most of all, makes you HAPPY.
  • Dot 7.  Avoid the narcissist type personalities, or as I call those personalities, “All About Me”.  They can become a real drag and there is no way you can ever please them.
  • Dot 8.  At some point in your life you will experience true heartache.  When I was your age, I experienced a loss that was out of my control and the loss just ripped through my heart.  If you find yourself in this situation, reach deep into your soul to find the grace you need to ride it out, and stay close to those who understand.
  • Dot 9.  Love your parents and always be there for them because they love you and will always be there for you.   Keep the word “Giving” in your vocabulary, and a sense of accomplishment will always be yours.
  • Dot 10.  Live life to your BEST, and you will never need to apologize

Now, Loretta30, you connect your dots, and form your picture of life.  And while you are forming your picture remember to enjoy each moment and SMILE!!!



Thank you, Mom, for such a lovely reflection. I’m sure there are a few dots everyone can relate to. I love the message about forming our own picture, because regardless of the advice people want to bestow upon us I think it’s important that somehow we ultimately figure it out for ourselves and connect the dots that make the most sense in our one wild and crazy life. And as we’re all trying to find the balance, and forge a path, I think Dot 10 could compete to be the new Golden Rule. 

2 thoughts on “Guest Post #3: Dear My Younger Self

  1. “Figure it out”… This is something we are all good at ladies. 🙂 What a great idea for a guest post. Love it! I always enjoy reading advise like this. Thank you Loretta 🙂

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