Guest Post #1: Finding the Balance Pam101 Style

Today’s guest post to kick things off is from blogger, photographer, Pittsburgher and all around awesome person, Pam101. She has an incredible outlook on life, and truly seizes every opportunity that comes her way. Not to mention she goes out of her way to be an great friend to everyone, which sort of explains why I want to be an honorary member of her Pittsburgh circle of awesomeness. 

A mission I accept:

I have been given an assignment by McHot’s, to write about “how I balance my life.” See, I am hoping as you read this…she is off running around NYC with her husband, going back to their engagement rock in Central Park and then making out in the backseat of a cab. Here is hoping we don’t see them on Taxicab Confessions.

Anyway, back to the assignment.

I’ll be honest, my life isn’t that complicated. I am a single girl. No kids, no lover, no pets. Just me. A strong, independent woman.

Just a girl, with a home in Pittsburgh (and a condo in DC), a job that I love, a lot of time spent in a car, a reader of trashy books, an awesome party planner and hostess and a super awesome Aunt to my niece and nephew.

So, how do I balance that?

I make time. I make time for everything that matters to me. That is the secret to my success. If a friend is sad, I call them, I make the time. If my niece needs me to get her at the bus stop, I go. If my boss needs me to work late, I am there. And the thing is…I love all of those things.

So, maybe that is the secret. If you love what you do, who you are and where YOU are in your life…then Life is already balanced.

Pam101 note: I am sure all the moms and ladies out there who are pulled in a million directions just rolled their eyes at my footloose and fancy free post. Don’t roll your eyes…Christian Grey is watching.

Pam101 note 2: I adore McHottie, the creator of The D Spot. She is one of my loveliest and awesome friends; I am honored to pinch-hit for her.

Pam101 note 3: Please read my blog. It’s full of fun nonsense for all of you busy bees out there.

DSpot Note: I love this post because I think it reminds us to stop comparing our lives to everyone elses. Like Pam101 said, love what YOU do and where YOU are. And if you don’t love it, then make some moves people. Life’s too short not too. Thanks for playing along, Pam!

One thought on “Guest Post #1: Finding the Balance Pam101 Style

  1. Awesome post Pam. What I love about you is… that everything you do comes from the heart….. And that makes you so extra special.
    Love, McHotties Mamma 🙂
    P.S. The Taxicab Confessions just cracked me up.

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