Chip Off the Old Bucket List

I’m taking my thickest black sharpie and crossing “Grill!” off the Summer Kickoff Bucket List. Since Friday, we’ve grilled (and eaten) steak, chicken, turkey burgers, zucchini and tamales.

Oh, and we ate watermelon. Lots of watermelon. (Check!)

One thing I should have put on the list was “Dine Al Fresco” because we did that too. All of us…

And another gross omission from the list was “Meet Sara and Eric in Downtown Annapolis When They Call You Out of the Blue to Say ‘Hey We’ll be Downtown Today’ and Get Dinner and Then Go for Ice Cream and Sit By the Water.” Ok, clearly this was one of those happy accidents when all the stars aligned and we didn’t have to plan for weeks to make it happen. I love happy accidents!

Now about that ice cream. It’s up there with cake for me in that I love ice cream like a fat kid loves ice cream, so I ordered the scoop and a half, when everyone else ordered just a scoop. The good thing about ordering the bigger size was that it came in a cup called a “Walkie”…

We quickly understood why they called it a “Walkie”, as we determined the one scoop size cup should have been called a “Stopie” because as soon as you get outside it starts melting everywhere and there’s no good way to walk and eat it. So you have to stop.


Back to the Bucket List though, to balance the eating of grilled food and sweet things I did get my butt into spin class (check!). And to round it out, I also did a little shopping to pick up a new dress for NYC (check!).

Hope you’re enjoying your summer kickoff weekend! Check in tomorrow to learn about the fun I have in store for the coming week 🙂

One last little photo update. Instead of keeping with the weekly Project 52 Themes, I’ve decided to try a new weekly photo ‘link up’ at a blog called Simple As That, where the idea is to take photos that celebrate the simple moments that make you smile each week. I love the creative freedom it offers. Feel free to join me in this new weekly adventure!

6 thoughts on “Chip Off the Old Bucket List

    • They tasted soooo good too! I’ll let you in on our secret though — they’re from Trader Joe’s 🙂 We decided to try them out on the grill and it worked perfectly!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the low perspective of the pic of the dogs! And it really looks like a great weekend! Makes me want to come over and join you… but that’s kinda awkward.
    nancy-of the crazy 9

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