Eclectic Taste?

Before my free trial of Amazon Prime ran out, I wanted to take advantage of the free shipping and buy a couple items off my Wish List. Could these two movies be any different?

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it they do both center around a love story between two characters from very different socioeconomic backgrounds. And they both have dancing. And handsome male leads. Maybe they aren’t so different after all.

Somewhere Jane Austen is stirring in her grave.

5 thoughts on “Eclectic Taste?

  1. Hi! I regularly stalk your blog, because I love you, but I just had to break pop the comment cherry on this one. 1. I LOVE p&p and have watched any movie that came out, including the 14 hr mini series during one particular nerdy sleepover in high school. 2. Last week when I was in DC for work and had access to cable again, I got sucked into Step Up AND Step Up 2. Terrible movies, but I kind of loved them!

    • I’ve watched the Keira Knightly version of P&P too many times to even count! And as far as Step Up and Step Up 2, if by Terrible you mean AWESOME, than yes 🙂 I may have considered forming my own dance crew after watching Step Up 2 hahaha. You could have totally been in it. Thanks for your comment, it made my day! MISS YOU and really want to come and see you and Jackie sometime soon! We’ll go dancing!

      • “DC” = McLean. I usually end up there once a year for training, but will definitely give you a call next time I’m down there! And we will absolutely be starting our own dance crew!

      • Gotcha, well we could pick a spot in the city that’s halfway. Tell Jackie about the dance crew next time you see her, I think she’ll be interested 😉

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