I’m Here, Just Not Here Here

Just a quickie post to say HI, I’m still here. I just haven’t been here here, as in this blog here, because life has been calling lately and I can’t help but answer when life calls. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you up on the goings on this week. In the meantime, you’ve probably noticed the updated look of the website. I needed a change and I’m liking it, so we’ll try this out for awhile.

Since there has been a little confusion, in order to leave a comment just click the word bubble that’s to the right hand side of the headline. Yeah, up there. You see it? Cool. Leave me a comment. Or if you just want to “Like” the post, click the headline to take you to the permalink page and then at the bottom is the fancy schmancy “Like” button.

Ok, now that we’re gotten the house keeping issues out of the way, we’ll soon be returning to your regularly scheduled programing. Happy Monday!

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