For those who have asked how the Moose man is getting along after the Paw Pad fiasco, I’m happy to report he’s doing nearly 100% better. It took a couple days, but science worked its magic and his paws are healing on their own. For my dog owner readers who run into a similar situation, what worked for us was just wiping his paws off with Bactine a couple times a day, especially after coming in from being outside, keeping him off his feet as much as possible so his cuts could air out, and a little bit of baby aspirin to ease the pain. We decided not to take him to the vet because a) they wouldn’t have told us anything different than some of the advice I found online and b) we kept a close eye on his feet to make sure it didn’t look like anything was infected. If they weren’t healing so well we might have considered the vet, but we aren’t quick to pull the trigger on those visits for previously stated reason A. We learned our lesson about the vet after once shelling out $500 to have them tell us they couldn’t find anything wrong with our dog, only to go home that night and have him throw up a sock. True story.

2 thoughts on “Pupdate

  1. Glad to hear moosie goosie is on the mend.
    Also glad I figured out how to use the reply button using the new blog format.

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