Going, Going, Back, Back…

…Ok, not to Cali, but we are going back to New York City in a couple weeks and I’m super excited. Although it will be hard to top our last trip in terms of the WOW factor 😉

We’re cashing in on some wedding related gifts (thanks for the train tickets Alex & Kacie, and thanks for the swank-tastic hotel accomodations Sandi!), and taking a little three night, mid-week excursion. I think we’re both desperately in need of a vacation, as well as some good ‘ol fashioned quality time together given that we’re still dealing with our two-ships-passing work schedules.

No matter how big or small, I’m convinced that having a vacation on the horizon makes life so much better. I can’t wait to eat my way through the city, go back to “our” rock in Central Park (hoping we can find it!), check out a few new sights and maybe see a show. Who knows the best way to score some moderately priced tickets on broadway? Do tell! All other NYC related suggestions and recommendations welcome below!

2 thoughts on “Going, Going, Back, Back…

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